Monday 11 July 2016

Generation Vice

When news started circulating on Urban Decay's hotly anticipated launch of 100 brand new lipsticks I became a little hot under the collar. It's no lie that I'm a huge fan of the now replaced Revolution lipsticks and I was eager to get my hands on some of the new collection when Urban Decay dropped this bag of lip goodies in my lap.

(Pandemonium, 714, Firebird, Big Bang, Backtalk)

I have five of the new lipsticks in a range of shades and finishes. The packaging couldn't be anymore Urban Decay if they tried, sleek gunmetal, sturdy and with a satisfying snap when you close the cap. You'll be wanting to whip your favourite shade out at every opportunity. With awesome packaging comes even better product and again, Urban Decay do not disappoint, move over MAC Cosmetics, there's a new lipstick god in town. Each lipstick contains their incredible Pigment Infusion System so not only do you get an intensely pigmented pout, it's creamy, non drying and lasts the test of many cocktails.

The Vice collection comprises of some of your old favourites, such as Naked which is mine plus an array of brand new shades. Big Bang has been doing the rounds on the oh so beautiful Ruby Rose's lips and I can't wait to rock it a la Rose. 714 featured in Gwen Stefani's limited edition collection and it's been one of my most used reds this year so I'm glad to have a back up and Backtalk is the one I'm most excited for, girl loves a nude! 

Not only does the collection include 100 beautiful shades with a shade suitable for everyone, the shades come in six different finishes:

Mega Matte — super intense matte
Comfort Matte — creamy matte
Cream — the original creamy luxury finish
Metallized — cream with a high level of pearl
Sheer — a punch of colour, with a sheer, shiny finish
Sheer Shimmer — slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture

714 is a Mega Matte finish and I love it because it lasts for hours but I'll definitely be picking up some of the Comfort Mattes to try and of course my beloved Naked as I'm down to my last dregs unless Backtalk steals its nude crown. As I always say, if you still haven't tried Urban Decay's lipsticks, you really must and now there is the Vice collection you have no excuse.

Available now for £15.00 each here in the UK with 50 accompanying lip liners, you can find your vice online and in-stores. Make sure you tell me yours using the hashtag #Lipstickismyvice or tweet me at @Alicespake.

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