Thursday 7 July 2016

Keeping those Summer Highlights

I'm lucky that when spending time in the sunshine, my naturally blonde locks start to get even lighter and sun bleached. When I was in Spain back in May, I soaked my hair in lemon each day just like I did before my mum let me get my first set of highlights to make my hair go even blonder and since I've come back to wet and windy blighty I've been using my trusty OGX Lemon Highlights collection to keep that summer glow in my hair. 

The OGX Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlights collection contains a blend of lemon citrus oil, coconut oil and key lime extract to help enhance highlights while keeping hair smooth and shiny. There is also a Weightless Reviving Dry Oil in the collection to spoil your hair even more. The lemon highlights set have kept my slightly sun damaged hair in tip top conditioned since arriving home while still adding sunshine highlights, the set also smells like a sunshine getaway so if you close your eyes you can imagine you're somewhere hot.

I've been a fan of OGX for sometime and religiously use the Vitamin B5 collection to help keep my hair soft and healthy so I'm going to have to clear a shelf soon to dedicate to my hair gods if I keep falling in love with their products. If keeping the sunshine glow not only on your face but in your hair too is your priority this summer then get to your nearest shop and treat yourself to this yellow collection of summer goodness from OGX.

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