Sunday 10 July 2016

I Fed the Penguins at Marwell!

If you've followed me for some time you may know that I have a teeny tiny obsession with Penguins, scrap that, they're kinda my life and if I could keep a little Humboldt as a pet I so would. Back in January after I celebrated my 26th birthday, I went out for a Nandos with the blogging girls to have a post Christmas and New Year catch up. Turns out it was actually a surprise birthday celebration with banners, chocolate cake and the most thoughtful birthday present ever.

Blogging has brought me a lot of things but it has also brought me some of the most incredible people to share my life and experiences with and that special group of people paid for me to go off to Marwell Zoo for the day to feed the Humboldt Penguins. I couldn't believe it when I opened the card and I sat and let tears of happiness fall down my face in the middle of a packed Nandos.

I booked in my experience with Marwell Zoo for the 4th July and last week myself and my family went off for a day at the zoo just like we use to do when we were kids and it was so much fun. Penguin Cove was our first stop before venturing off around Marwell to see the Rhinos, Tigers and Meerkats, the stars of the zoo! The weather wasn't amazing but nothing would dampen my mood and no sooner had we worked our way around the animal enclosures it was time for a picnic. 

My Penguin Experience was booked in for 3.15pm, after meeting back at Penguin Cove I was led through to the Penguin kitchen to help prepare the food for all 29 Penguins. They go through a tonne of food every month and boy do they like the fish! We went through three buckets while feeding the little guys. Wearing neutral clothes so as not to scare the penguins I was lead through into the enclosure where I perched on a rock ready to feed the little cuties. Turns out the little cuties love a good peck and are soon to let you know when they're ready for more fish. My favourite little guy was Ecco, who was a greedy little bugger that chomped down on fish after fish. There was also Holly who would only except fish if you threw them to her while she perched on a rock.

My Penguin experience was over far too quickly and I didn't get the chance to pop one in my bag to take home with me but I did get a Humboldt plush toy so he is currently perched on my penguin shelf at home. I had the best day and I can't thank the girls enough for sending me to feed the penguins, it really was incredible. I also have my lovely Dad to thank for the amazing photos you see in this post because he was my photographer for the day. Perks of being a professional photographers daughter I suppose, something I'm very grateful for. 

I really hope you enjoy this post and the photos as much as I do!
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