Sunday 10 January 2016

Why I'm Happy as I am

I didn't really have anything to post, the days are still pretty dark and trying to get photos taken is just a pain so I thought I'd just type and see what happened. I've never just written a chatty post on here before, keeping it mainly to reviews, events and any other old crap I want to post. I've always just assumed if I did one, that it would just be a dull arse post that would eventually just be converted back to draft, you never know, it may still go that way. Entering 2016 has been a weird one, with the ever mounting pressure to be something and someone, I'm not sure where I stand. I'm reaching an age where everyone expects marriage, babies, a fluffy animal and hosting dinner parties and I'm just not there; And I'm okay with that.

I'm happy plodding along, doing what I'm doing. I work, I come home, I blog, I eat food I shouldn't, I drink too many cocktails with my best friends and stumble home at silly o'clock, I spend ridiculous amounts of money on make up I barely use and I desperately want a cat. I don't want the stellar career, huge house, white wedding and sticky children, right now. What I've come to realise the last few years is that, what I don't want is what everyone else wants you to want. They, whoever they are, seem to think they have a right to ask the most personal of questions in regards to how you're living your life. They want you to conform to society, they want you to be doing your weekly shop and cooking lasagna with your family instead of seeing who can neck the most Tequila shots without being sick. There is so much to see and do in the world to worry about going from school to uni to a 9-5 job, marriage and children. 

I'd much rather enjoy my life while I'm young, see the world with the man I love and just be selfish. Go for last minute dinner plans and fall through the door at 6am, spend £500 on shoes that'll sit in a box unworn, book city breaks and adventures at the drop of a hat. I shouldn't be made to feel guilty about it. I'm very lucky that my family and close friends understand that and my best friend especially is of the same understanding as I am as she's the one that sits with me until the early hours drinking those cocktails and shots talking about life. 

I'm not sure when society became so nosy or when people felt they had a right to get so involved in your life. Social media probably plays a massive part, glorifying lives and what the perfect one looks like. The thing is, there is no perfect life because no one can honestly describe what is perfect as it's such a personal thing. What is perfect for me will be completely different to someone else and so on. Respect plays a massive part in it and that is what a hell of a lot more people should be doing. Respecting their family members and friends decisions and allowing them to live their lives question free. I don't want to sit somewhere when I'm eighty and regret that I didn't do something because someone, somewhere frowned upon it. In the meantime I'm just going to carry on with my life, live it how I want to and continue to just be happy, giving a middle finger to those that don't agree.

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