Thursday 28 January 2016

Studio Fix Fluid MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation is hands down my favourite foundation, I recommend it at every opportunity I get but I've never once reviewed it on here. I'm quite lucky with my skin having never suffered with acne, my skin is relatively clear so I don't need a high coverage foundation as I've been told on numerous occasions, I just love the finish of this and how it lasts all day. Studio Fix Foundation comes in a glass bottle and retails at £22 but it is an extra £4.50 for the pump which I really insist that you buy. You end up wasting so much foundation without it. For a higher end foundation, the price is pretty average. I've bought this more times than I can remember and think it's worth every penny. 

Studio Fix comes in a range of shades, I'm shade NW13 which is suited to warmer toned, pale skin. If you're looking into MAC foundations for the first time then make sure you get a colour match because their shades can be a little confusing! The liquid, silicone based, foundation is described as a medium coverage, it's pretty buildable so you can definitely achieve a high coverage look if desired which I sometimes do for a night out. It also contains SPF15 which isn't always great for photos with a flash but it does leave your make up looking flawless. Swings and roundabouts I suppose. 

Wear time depends on your skin type, I have combination skin and this sits beautifully on my face, I get a little bit of shine in the afternoon but nothing some Agent Zero Shine can't fix and the finish pretty much looks the same at 7pm as it did when applied at 7am. If I know I'm heading from work to a cocktail bar then I know this will see me through until the early hours. There are so many mixed reviews on this, a lot of people love it and just as many also hate it. I think it very much depends on skin type, how heavy you want the coverage and if your skin is prone to breaking out when using silicone based products but I'm firmly in the love camp.

Have you used Studio Fix Fluid before? What did you think?

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