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Things that bug me about Blogging

Follow 4 Follow
Stop it. Stop it now. The biggest way to get a whole load of people NOT to follow you is tweeting or hashtagging F4F. On Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook, I see it all the time. More often than not I think "What a dick" and swiftly move on, remembering your handle for future. 

I use Crowdfire and I don't see anything wrong with doing so, mainly to see those people who follow, unfollow then follow again. Trust me, download it and you'll soon cotton on to repeat offenders. My problem with Crowdfire are the messages people set up that automatically direct message you with every, single social media platform they're using. Guess what the first thing is I do? I unfollow you. 

Free Shit
Oh you know the kind, the people that think they can start a blog just for the free shit, the kind that think zero effort goes into a post and consequently screw it up for the rest of us by their stinking attitude. Since running events in Southampton and attending blog events run by other bloggers I've learnt to spot these bitches a mile off. They are so freaking obvious. Listen up desperate people, life isn't free, you have to work for what you want. Something thousands of other bloggers are doing and have been doing for years to build up trust with companies for the opportunities to even exist. I hope you enjoy your free dog biscuits from Canine for the dog you don't even own because ya know, it was free...

Copying Ideas
Unfortunately when putting something out on the world wide web, things are going to get copied. Copying and pasting entire blog posts and passing them off as your own are 100% not on BUT when it comes to certain ideas sometimes, just sometimes someone probably got there before you. Classic examples being, monthly favourites and empties, what's in your bag, interviewing series', the list is endless. But recently I've seen people publicly calling others out on a non original idea and that's not on, stew quietly. Just because say, you started an interviewing series and then someone else did that doesn't mean you can then get shitty with them. How do you know that that post hadn't been scheduled long before yours? I started The Netflix Tag earlier this year (or at least I think I did) and that was copied as "I've started The Netflix Tag", did I throw my make up out of the blogging pram? No. Why? Because I'm an adult. 

Blogging Events
As I said above I run events in Southampton for bloggers to attend for free. We have companies attend, hold drink offers and give everyone who attends pretty awesome goody bags all for nothing. One thing I have come to learn over the last year from doing these events are that some people are damn rude. At our very first event last year we invited twenty or so bloggers to network and mingle, after handing out the goody bags two left without even a goodbye or a thank you. RUDE. 

The last two events have gone much better, (at least everyone says bye now) but you still get the same people that come not to meet other bloggers and network but again just for the free shit. Amy & I work our arses for these events, we get fab companies onboard and we LOVE doing it but they definitely open your eyes to certain bloggers. Certain bloggers that seem to have a reputation not only at our own events but others as well. If you want to read just how much it bugs me click here - Blogging Events & The Free Stuff.

Blogging Misconceptions
Time and time again it is brought up in blogging chats on Twitter about blogging misconceptions. We now live in a very social media focused world where you only see the good things and why the hell not? I'm not about to start Instagramming what I look like after a night out, I'd rather IG a photo of a pretty book, a magazine and a cute cup and title it "Sunday lazy day" instead of "Drank too much rum and I now look like roadkill". I genuinely cannot believe that people moan about this on Twitter. If you want to Instagram yourself with chocolate down your pyjamas while picking your toenails go ahead but if someone else wants to share a picture, perfect photo, keep your opinions to yourself and stop being a very public bitch on Twitter. 

Twitter Chats
There's a difference between a healthy debate and being a dick. There's also a difference between having an opinion while respecting others and being an ignorant shit. Don't be that dick or that ignorant shit because you'll get a reputation and everyone will remember your handle for the wrong reasons. Respect others. What goes out publicly on Twitter stays public even after you've deleted it. 

Anxiety is Cool
I've suffered with Anxiety for quite some time now, I deal with it my way and keep that fact to myself because that's how I want it to be. I've only ever tweeted about it once and this is the first time I've ever mentioned it on my blog but I get so sick of people using it as a fashion accessory in the blogging world. The awareness that it's brought is fantastic but this attitude of "Oh I blog therefore I must have anxiety too" is bullshit. And if you're that person who is making up that you have anxiety to fit in or that you think that it's cool, stop it. You're making a complete joke of people you actually suffer from it.



  1. AMEN. The Crowdfire DM's have been doing my head in recently. Your point about anxiety I agree with - I do blog and occasionally tweet about my anxiety to bring awareness of it, but if there is anyone out there pretending to have it then they are an idiot. x

    more about cat " uk lifestyle blog

  2. This is probably the most up front and honest blog post I have ever read. I noticed the crowd fire comments on my Twitter and first though people we're sending them personally (I was a bit of a newbie ha!).. Then realised after.. And find it quite "lazy".. I also hate follow for follow .. It feel like people do it just for the numbers, not to follow people they genuinely love. Anyways girlie .. Love your blog! I've been having a good read and really love it .. Cannot believe I was not following you on blog lovin'.. I am now !
    Saira xx xx

  3. I love this post, so true and so funny! F4F is just like the cringe of MySpace days - comment 4 comment!

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I don't think we can blame people for coming for the free stuff. That's human nature. There's a system in place where little-to-no effort wields free goodies. We can observe the same behaviour when attending conventions, welfare benefits, incentives to buy freebies with purchase. If it's there and it's free, people will exploit that.

    But then being expected to blog about the free stuff you were given as it's the least you can do, seems a little like a loss of integrity. It's once again getting something for nothing.

    While I'm sure many appreciate the effort you go to putting on these events, I don't think these "bitches" can be blamed for an easy exploit, especially if they aren't considering the consequences.

  5. Great post! So true! This crowd fire message drive me crazy! And the F4F, I see bloggers posting stuff like that all the time, is that all they care about?! xx

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  7. Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree and it is a healthy emotion to have but some experience it in an unhealthy which can lead to an anxiety disorder.. I think a lot of people get confused between the two so maybe someone should write a post explaining exactly what the difference is so we don't get posts like 'I was worried about an exam which must mean I have an anxiety disorder'. Great post and all valid points, I love your blog!

  8. This is the best ha! Hate crowdfire messages, why not have s nice conversation with me then I'm more likely too look at your blog myself?! I'm also sick of seeing people kick off on Twitter just because they have different opinions. Let them get on with it, how do you have so much time to be a cow 24/7! And no one wants to see my morning face on Instagram, I'll stick to fancy palettes and flowers! x

  9. Hahah I love this. The Auto DMs do drive me mad, along with the follow 4 follow, just enjoy blogging then you dont need to beg for followers! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  10. Yes to this post! Everything you said is bang on true. Except I can't relate to the blogger event bit as I've never been to one, but I can imagine it happens a lot! I hate self entitled people. I'm also glad to hear I'm not alone in unfollowing people who ask me to follow them!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  11. This is the realist post ever I hate people who unfollow and follow and then unfollow and follow again I' just like i'm not going to follow you sorry not sorry!
    Coleoftheball xx

  12. Great post, love your honest. I hate the crowdfire messages, bloody annoying it just makes me want to unfollow them. Some bloggers are really really vocal about every single little thing that is happening in the blogging world, I don't know if that is a good thing. Sometimes we just need to stay quiet and go with the flow and let people do them.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  13. I found myself nodding to myself while reading pretty much the whole blog post! I 100% agree with you, especially the last bit about anxiety!! As a sufferer of anxiety myself, I cannot tell you just how much it PEEEVES me off when people think that it's cool/fashionable to have it! Grrr..

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  14. Brilliant post, I think you've summed it up perfectly!! :D I'm sure anxiety rose once a certain blogger said she had it. I appreciate that a lot of people will be able to relate to her as actual anxiety sufferers, but I can't help feeling most do it so the blogger will reply to them :/ x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  15. Agree with everything you've said here! I also think blogging is misunderstood in films too, yesterday I was watching a film and it said 'I've only been doing blogging for 16 days and already have 450-600 views everyday' I just wanted to scream at the film saying how far you could get from the truth, yes I know some blogs are more successful than others but surely not that much more popular. Anyway, really loved this post so glad someones said it.

    From Megan x

  16. I hate follow 4 follows, so annoying! I always get it on instagram.

  17. Hahaha I completely feel this a lot, although there is someone who changes her blog layout everytime I do and that does bum me, A LOT actually, And also people who think having an illness is cool, it's not I've been trapped inside for the most part of 4 years on three different types of meds whilst people claim they are sick but are happy to go to busy events, be on live television etc, It's just confusing and frustrating. BUT HEY. I am so glad you wrote this because I feel it inside a lot. Stewing. And I am glad that I am not just a bitch and you feel it too <3 xxxx

  18. Great post, I love the topics you have covered. I get a lot of follow for follow and since my blog is only a year old its more than usual. Can be annoying really but I do check their blogs out and if I like it I follow if not I ignore

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  19. This post made me laugh! There are definitely a lot of things on this list I've seen in the blogging world! I really enjoyed reading this post! XO -Kim

  20. I love how you just tell it as it is all the time! I hate bloggers who do all these things, I once had someone who I WAS ALREADY FOLLOWING comment on my blog asking for a follow for follow. It was so effing rude and I instantly unfollowed her on everything!

    Megan x
    London Callings

  21. I really love this post. The people moaning about people instagramming annoyed me quite a lot, like people want blogging and social media to be an escape, why would they fill their escape with everyday realities like spilling coffee down a white top.
    Also, I'm glad you made the point about anxiety. Like you I am very glad that there is more awareness about it, and people are talking about it, but there is a difference between feeling anxious sometimes and having a full blown anxiety disorder. It makes me scared to write a post, or to say how I'm feeling when I'm genuineely not feeling good incase people think I am making it up for attention to fit in with the masses of posts about it recently.

    Thankyou for this blog!
    Maggie xx

  22. The anxiety things is so true! I also love crowdfire!
    Jabeen x

  23. I love how honest this post is! I kept saying to myself "yip, yip, agree" while reading haha! Aaaaah so it's called crowdfire!! Those automatic DM's drive me crazy!! So impersonal! x

  24. Such a brilliant and honest post!
    Eilidh |


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