Monday 23 November 2015

Seventeen All Out Pout in Woo Me

Seventeen make up is a regular occurrence on the ol' blog and as they keep bringing out new releases, I feel like I have to tell you about them. The All Out Pout lip palettes hit the shops mid way through October alongside their Easy on the Eye eye shadow palettes and Let's Face It face palettes. I hold my hands up and admit I am not a fan of lip palettes and personally don't feel they're necessary past the age of twelve. I lug enough forgotten lipsticks around in my bag without having to add a lip palette to the equation. 

All Out Pout comes in two shades, Woo Me and Fancy Free. Woo Me contains six shades in a rich satin and gloss finish. With warm nudes, oranges and reds, it's my favourite of the two available. I'd really advise making sure your lips are in tip top condition before using this and also use something like Lipcote as the staying power isn't great at all, food and drink will cause the lip colour to wipe away completely. In the swatches the shades look incredible, they transfer to the lip as intense as the swatches, I just wish they lasted because I'd almost be converted to using this. 

If you're looking for lip colours then I would bypass this completely and head straight to their lipstick range Stay Pout. The shades are better, they last much longer and for £4.49, they're a bargain too. 

Have you bought All Out Pout? What did you think?

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