Thursday 12 November 2015

The Silk Rose Korean Skincare

I've wanted to try Korean skincare for quite a few years now but didn't know where to buy it from or what brands to look for, that was until The Silk Rose came along. Korean skincare is renowned for delivering high results and is thought to be the most advanced in the world. With the majority containing high end ingredients, unique formulations and coming with a reasonable price tag, it was the perfect time to dip my toe into Korean Skincare.

I've been trying pieces from Mizon, Goodal and LJH, from Snail Repairing foam cleaners and cream to sheet masks and bee venom cream. I've been trialling each of the above products for the last six - eight weeks before reviewing on Annie Writes Beauty. Starting with the sheet masks, I've been using once a week. After cleansing and running a hot bath I just lay back, placing one of these onto my skin for 15-20 minutes allowing all the creamy goodness to soak in. Each mask is packed full of nutrients and oils to leave the skin smooth, hydrated and brightened. They're less messy than usual masks which I love. 

The Mizon S-Venom Wrinkle Tox cream aims to combat fine lines by using a peptide concentrate which has a similar molecular structure to snake poison meaning you get plump and smooth skin. I was really dubious about putting this on at first but after applying to my under eye area I've really noticed a difference more so than I thought I would. I've been using this with the LJH Probiotics sleeping cream which works as a two in one sleeping mask and cream. Suitable for all skin types and paraben free, this wonder cream gets to work by repairing your skin while you sleep making skin look glowing and healthy each morning. A little goes a long way and it also absorbs quickly without leaving a tacky feeling to the skin.

When I first saw the Mizon Snail Repair cream and Snail Repairing Foam cleanser I did feel myself cringe a little but if I can eat them then I can put them on my face, or at least that's how I looked at it. Snail mucus is renowned for being excellent for the skin, it's anti-microbial, contains skin friendly antioxidants, proteins, elastin and glycolic acids. The cleansing foam buffs away dead skin and cleans pores leaving you with smooth skin while the cream encourages cell renewal, helps with anti aging and skin tone. This makes my skin feel incredible, never did I think I'd be praising the use of Snail secretion. It's really not as gross as it sounds, it doesn't have a funny smell and no snails were harmed in the making of these products. 

Lastly is the LJH Mineral In Cushion, a water based foundation compact. Containing SPF 50 with added nutrients for the skin, this Mineral In Cushion applies easily with the enclosed make up applicator. You just push down onto the cushion to release the product. This would be perfect during the summer months as it can double up as a foundation and SPF. For a water based product the coverage is really impressive and I didn't need much to cover my entire face. I have the shade 21 Beige which has pinky undertones and suits my skin tone perfectly. 

If like me, you're really unsure where to start with Korean skincare it's worth your time searching into The Silk Rose, they were so helpful and incredibly knowledgeable which always helps when you're a bit clueless. These products have firmly pushed my usual faves out of the way. Have you tried any Korean skincare before? What are your favourite brands or products?

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