Sunday 25 October 2015

Mettricks Coffee House Southampton

Why I have waited until now to post about my favourite coffee house in Southampton I do not know but after spending one afternoon drinking coffee and eating scones with my sister and finding ourselves in an extremely rare, empty Mettricks, I took full advantage and took some photos. Mettricks was opened in 2013 in the Old Town in Southampton by Spencer who saw exactly what this wonderful city was missing, a coffee house with better coffee, a cosy home vibe and fresh, local food. This city is littered with the likes of Costa and Starbucks but Mettricks was something we didn't have and it's somewhere I spend a lot of my time as many of you will know.

The original coffee house is situated in the Old Town, my favourite part of the entire city. Stepping inside is like coming home; Full of artwork, mismatched furniture and board games, it's the perfect place to come on a lazy afternoon and just sit back and chill. There's also a great outside seating area which is perfect for people watching (come on, we all do it). 

The coffee they serve is the best in Southampton, there is no competition. As soon as you step foot inside, the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans greets you. Pair that with one of their fresh warm scones or cakes and you're onto a winner. Myself and the Sotonbloggers girls regularly meet at Mettricks for a drink and a catch up before events. They've recently opened a pop up branch opposite the Bargate monument in the city centre which I think is testament to just how popular this family orientated coffee house is. It's not often you get an independent coffee house expanding in such a large city over run with the same old franchises.

Mettricks message is simple, better food and drink paired with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. You can't go wrong with that. Spencer and the Mettricks family have got it spot on and I hope they're around for many years to come. If you ever find yourself in Southampton, make it your mission to pop in for a coffee. You will not be disappointed.

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