Saturday 17 October 2015

Experience Sugar Waxing at Sugarflick // Southampton

When looking to remove unwanted body hair, waxing is most people's go-to method. I'm personally not a fan of waxing; it's painful, it sticks and more often than not the results don't last as long as you want them to. Thankfully this is where sugaring comes in, an ancient method of hair removal that has been used since the first millennium. 

Sugaring works by sticking to and removing the hair sticking less to the skin than waxing making it less painful with better results. Skin is left smooth and hair free for much longer because the product catches even the smallest of hairs.

(All photos provided by Sugarflick)

Sugarflick in Bedford Place, Southampton specialise in sugaring and has ten years of experience tucked under their belts. They are also the only salon for miles that pride themselves on offering Brazilian and Hollywood intimate hair removal for men and women. Set in the backdrop of a beautiful Victorian house, you will not find anywhere quite like Sugarflick. It's incredibly welcoming and you feel more like you're going to a friend's house than in your standard salon environment which is what I think makes the experience even better. 

I went in recently to watch a sugaring session be performed by Emma and it was so fascinating to watch as Sugarflick use sugar strips and old-fashioned sugar balling methods. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I sat in awe watching Emma as it was quite intricate work. As stated on the website, their products are unique to them, made especially for them to suit their environment, clients and the time of year. Sugar paste is also completely natural so this type of hair removal is excellent for people with sensitive skin.

Each member of the Sugarflick team is fully trained and insured to keep all your fuzzy bits in check. There are plenty of fabulous reviews on their own website and on Google reviews which are just a testament to the client base they've built up over the years. 

If you're in Hampshire and want a hair removal experience that will change your life, Sugarflick is for you. Once you go sugar you don't go wax!

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