Monday 5 October 2015

MAC Cosmetics Brave Lipstick

Another month and another new MAC Cosmetics lipstick, this time in the shade Brave. This particular shade has never been on my wishlist from MAC, Hue has always been my go to nude but after leaving my lipstick at home, I borrowed Brave from a friend before we went into an event and I fell in love.

Brave is described as a pink, beige with white pearl on the website, now if I had read the website description beforehand the white pearl part would of totally put me off, it almost makes out that it comes across as a frosty pink which isn't the case at all. 

I'd mostly describe Brave as beige based, as much as it is pink, the browner undertones are quite obvious and suits my cool skintone perfectly. It comes in a Satin finish, so semi-matte but not as drying. I'm a matte girl as you know so Satin is the only other finish I tend to buy my lipsticks in. It has around four hours wear time, a little less with food and drink. Brave has not left my bag since I bought it and it has firmly pushed my usual faves back into the lipstick draw. 

What is your go to lipstick at the moment?

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