Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's My Blog Birthday!

I know everyone says this but I genuinely cannot believe I've been running this blog for a year. Last New Years Day the mister was at work, it was pouring with rain and with Disney in the background I finally did something with the blogger account I'd created months before. Never did I realise what my blog would bring and what I would achieve. 

In the last year I have co-hosted two blogging events for some lovely South Coast bloggers and set up Southampton Bloggers, met five girls who I now could not imagine my life without, been to some amazing events and worked with some of my favourite brands and to think I'm not far off 2000 bloglovin followers in a year is madness. 

Thank you so so much for reading Annie Writes Beauty, for following and for just being amazing. The comments, tweets and emails I receive are warming and never in a million years did I realise this little blogging community could change my outlook on life so much. 

There is always someone to talk to, to advise me or even give me that little shove I need to spend over £20 on one lipstick. So thank you so much for supporting me and my little corner of the internet. You've inspired me to do so much I wouldn't usually of done or tried this year and I'm so excited to see what 2015 is going to bring.

Thank you again and have a wonderful new year! 



  1. Happy blog anniversary! It's mine too!! Xxxxx

    1. Eek! Thank you and Congratulations to you too xx

  2. Happy blog anniversary! Huge congratulations on everything you've achieved in the past year :) xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  3. Happy blog birthday lovely (: xx

  4. You've done amazingly in the last year! Can't wait to see what 2015 bring you. Maybe we may finally meet?! ;)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. Happy blog birthday! You reached so much this year, well done! Also, I forgot to wish you happy birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday to you as well! :) xx

  6. Happy blog birthday and happy new year.I hope that this year will be even better for you and your blog :)

  7. Happy blog birthday, my blog will soon reach a year but I'm nowhere near the goals you've achieved!

  8. Happy blog birthday babe! You should be so proud of what you have achieved in a year, I hope 2015 brings you even more amazing things xx

  9. You have accomplished so much in such a short space of time, looking forward to seeing what you do this year! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  10. congrats on one year! I'm coming up on 4 years in april, so exciting. Hope 2015 brings a lot of fun and blog success your way!

  11. Happy birthday to your blog! I just discovered you, so I am looking forward to reading more from you this year! Have a fabulous 2015!

    I also followed you and I'd very much appreciate it if you'd follow me back so we can keep in touch!


  12. Happy blog birthday! Congratulations :)


  13. happy blog birthday and happy new year! I only just started last July and have been loving every second of it. Congratulations! Cannot wait to read more from your blog this 2015!

    Hope you had a fun and festive Christmas x

    I also have a A MAC Lipstick Giveaway (of your choice) happening RIGHT NOW on my blog ;)

    May your NEW YEAR fill you with joy and prosperity

    Shanna | My Curves and Lashes

  14. Happy blog birthday, and happy 2015! <3


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