Friday 30 January 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off!

When the first photos appeared showing Benefit's first new release of 2015, Puff Off!, I was pretty excited. My under eye area is something I'm always trying to de-puff and brighten. No matter how many hours sleep I have, I need copious amounts of concealer the following morning so a product that helps those puffies and smooths the area is definitely going to get my attention.

Firstly, the packaging. It wouldn't be Benefit without a pastel packaged, almost gimmicky product. The peach melba shade keeps it more grown up than some products. Housed in a slim tube, you just pop the lid off to find its innovative applicator in the shape of an iron so you can quite literally iron those puffies away. The iron shaped applicator allows you to smooth the under eye area without any danger of poking yourself in the eye as the tip is smoothed and glides along the area.

The applicator is metal which delivers a cooling effect on the eye and if you've head a heavy night and need a real pick me up in the morning, stick Puff Off! in the fridge over night. Paired with a cool Garnier Micellar water these two are the perfect morning after tools. The iron shape also means you won't waste any product as a small squeeze gives you just the right amount of Puff Off! to dot under your eyes.

After two weeks of use, my puffies are reduced and my under eye area is so much smoother. I use it during my morning skincare routine and I find it helps my under eye make up go on much easier. My skin feels silky and it's definitely made a difference. You can also use Puff Off! over make up for a mid afternoon pick me up but the one time I did, my lower lash mascara and eye liner smudged. I don't wear waterproof mascara so maybe that had something to do with it but in the morning this is a must have product. Puff Off! Launches nationwide tomorrow and will be priced at £22.50 which is pretty standard for Benefit skincare products. It's one I'll be repurchasing when it's finished to banish those puffies.

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