Wednesday 3 September 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I recently posted about my favourite MAC lipstick, So Chaud which had me delving into my lipstick collection again. I've had tweets and emails in the past about posting a MAC lipstick collection but for some reason I just never got round to it. I'm on a MAC Lipstick ban at the moment because I'm still miffed they raised their prices again so my collection is staying at an uneven 17. There's nudes, pinks and reds, satins, mattes and amplified finishes and a couple of limited editions chucked in too. I hope you're ready for a pretty long post.

Myth, Enchanted One, Hue, Crosswires, Lovelorn.

Myth - Satin
Myth was one of those purchases where it seemed a good idea at the time. Everyone searches for their perfect nude, right? Well this isn't mine. Think of foundation lips and that is what I look like with it on. Bad, bad lipstick choice.

Alluring Aquatics Enchanted One - Matte
Enchanted One was not the original lipstick I wanted from the Alluring Aquatics collection, I wanted Goddess of the Sea but this just won me over. It's a Matte finish with a lovely pink, brown tone that lasts for hours even through food and drink. Plus it doesn't tug on the lip when applied.

Hue - Glaze
I picked this up in a blog sale way back in February and this is my perfect nude. I wear it all the time, It never leaves my bag. Hue leaves a perfect subtle pink on the lips, it doesn't last for hours but I don't mind reapplying this one again and again. 

Crosswires - Cremesheen
Crosswires transfers quite dark on my lips which put me off a little at first as I just didn't think it suited me but I've grown to love it. It's such a smooth finish, and leaves a dark pop of coral on the lips. 

Lovelorn - Lustre
Lovelorn is also an every day favourite of mine, and one I reach for quite a bit for work. I really like the lustre formula, it makes application easy as it just glides on while leaving my lips feeling really moisturised.

Pink Nouveau, Pink Poodle, Candy Yum Yum, Kelly Yum Yum, Impassioned, Girl About Town.

Pink Nouveau - Satin
Pink Nouveau is probably my second favourite after So Chaud. It's my perfect candy pink, it lasts for hours, doesn't transfer too much like it's glossier finished siblings and it looks pretty awesome with a tan too. I've used this half way down so far and it's one I would buy straight away once it's finished. 

Pink Poodle - Glaze 
Pink Poodle was one I purchased on a whim. I'd just started my April spending ban, the 90's throwback range was released on the MAC website on day two. I craved and bought this and another because I had to spend over £30 for free delivery. There was logic in my madness. This is very similar to Girl About Town, just that tad bit more shimmery.

Candy Yum Yum - Matte & Kelly Yum Yum - Satin
I recently did a post comparing these two so I won't go on too much, why not check out my Candy Yum Yum vs Kelly Yum Yum post instead? 

Impassioned - Amplified
My poor Impassioned lipstick is a little battered, I have to be so careful when applying because it will just snap, no matter how many times I've stuck it back together and put in the fridge. This is one of those pink lipsticks everyone should own. There is nothing quite like it. 

Girl About Town - Amplified
Girl About Town is a gorgeous, fuchsia pink, perfect for day and night. I bought this after being recommended it by so many others. It's moisturising and so wearable. 

Viva Glam Rihanna, Ruby, So Chaud, Ruby Woo, Diva, Private Party

Viva Glam Rihanna - Glaze
I have a lot of red lipsticks and I hate to say that I did buy this because I wanted something from a collaboration MAC did with Rihanna, but it's all for a fabulous cause! This isn't my favourite red, I don't think it has great staying power but the packaging makes up for it. It's more shimmery than I expected and very glossy. 

Pedro Lourenco Ruby - Amplified
The packaging of this is so luxurious, I really do love it. It's a mid tone, blue red and I personally think it compliments my pale skin tone. It's not as in your face as some reds can be and I've used this quite a lot for during the day. 

So Chaud - Matte
I only posted about this little beauty last week, in My Favourite MAC Lipstick post, it's a orangy-red shade and one of my most used.

Ruby Woo - Retro Matte
This was the other lipstick I purchased during my spending ban.. oops. I had seen this doing the rounds, been told to buy it by so many and I finally caved. It's gorgeous! So, so drying, it could peel your lips off but oh so worth it for the finished look. Remember, lip scrub is your best friend while wearing this blue toned red. 

Diva - Matte
I do like my matte lippies and this was a Back to MAC 'purchase'. I picked this up ready for the Autumn months, it's dark, it's vampy and it's a pretty gorgeous, burgundy red. It looks scary as hell in the tube but I can't wait to be wearing this with a chunky knit and big boots.

Private Party - Satin
This is from last years Divine Night collection, a cool, berry tone which I find compliments my pale skin, even if I was a bit dubious at first. This was my go to dark lip last Winter and will be a firm favourite again these coming few months.

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