Thursday 25 September 2014

Saint Germain by MAC Cosmetics

I bought this for a mere £7 a few months back after finding a Cosmetic Company Outlet in Portsmouth. I can't bring myself to spend over £10 for a nail polish because more often than not Barry M have a cheaper and better alternative. I'll happily spend £25 on a lipstick though.. go figure?! 

You all know I hold MAC Cosmetics close to my heart so into the basket Saint Germain jumped. 
Saint Germain is a bubblegum pink, looks beautiful on the nails and is a major tan enhancer. 

The formula? Rubbish. For a nail polish that retails at £12, I wasn't impressed. It takes three coats to get a perfect opaque colour and even then it is ever so slightly patchy which you can see on my fore finger. Once you've taken the time and a lot of patience to get it looking perfect, it does look exactly that but who has that time? I want to paint my nails, spray some fixing spray and get out the house. Oh and it chips within hours. A MAC product I'm not a fan of? Who would of thought it.
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