Wednesday 17 August 2022

Paul & Joe Beauté Products to Look Out For

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Paul and Joe is a beauty favourite of mine - it's fun and flirty and each beauty release is a collector's dream. For this summer,  which ties in nicely with the brand's 20th anniversary - a gorgeous set of new lipsticks was released alongside the new matte pressed powered adorned with Paul & Joe's designer's cat, Gipsy. 

It's dreamy and just what you'd expect from Paul & Joe Beauty which was launched by Sophie Mechaly in 2002, following the success of her fashion line by the same name. The limited-edition collection features a host of limited-edition beauty bits such as lipsticks, lipstick cases and a special edition Gipsy makeup pouch.

Each year sees a different limited edition pressed powder released and this one is super cute with its splash of maroon stripes and image of Gipsy. I don't use powder very often but have tried a little of this and it is super silky and not in the least bit drying - a really light, gorgeous base product.

It has the benefit of SPF25 but it's not a product I’d rely on as my sole SPF for sunny days, however, this is an excellent way to reduce shine and keep your levels topped up.

The powder even has a little cat on the surface. The powder contains jojoba oil, sunflower oil, cellulose powder (to absorb oil, titanium oxide and iron oxide as the SPF and a dash of pearlescence).

Great little compact to pop in your makeup bag!

It's the lipsticks that are the star of the show, with the most adorable cases shaped like Sophie's precious cats. Each of the reusable lipstick cases is covered with super soft flock and you just pop the shades out to keep using them.

The story of Sophie's cats goes like this - Sophie (Paul & Joe founder) discovered Gipsy as a 2-month-old kitten at a photo shoot and adopted her on the spot. Nounette arrived a little later as a companion for Gipsy and they didn’t get along at first although now they are the best of friends.

The little cat-shaped bullets that we have become used to from this brand have been given a flower instead of a bow at the right ear - super cute right? Even the outer packaging is quirky with keys, chairs, umbrellas and a glass of something green and of course, Nounette and Gipsy in real life.

(The cases are £12 each and the lipstick refills are £14)

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