Friday 15 July 2022

4 L'Oréal Color Riche Volume Intense Matte Lipsticks to try

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Bold lipstick is my thing, it has always been my thing - hopefully, the Tik Tok reference is there somewhere either way L'Oréal have a new variation of their Color Riche lipsticks and as a matte finish loving gal, these are perfect for me. 

I've been trying four of the shades over the last couple of months and so it was time to share some thoughts, especially as one, in particular, has quickly become my most reached for shade. 

Color Riche is now slimmer, more longwear, more hydrating and more matte - 16 hours of wear time with hyaluronic acid and a caring formula that leaves lips feeling incredibly moisturised throughout wear time. 

The all-new Color Riche Volume Intense Matte Lipstick comes in twelve shades - from an intense red right through to the most stunning soft rose.

The caring formula keeps lips feeling moisturised all day while still being the matte of your dreams, literally. Powdery, lightweight and creamy, each lipstick volumises lips for plumper-looking lips all day with a transfer-resistant finish meaning your pout stays looking perfect through coffee, food and more.

The new slim packaging allows for easier, more precise application, to accentuate your lip shape - I don't even use a lip liner with these. 

602 Admirable - a gorgeous, soft pink
482 Indomptable - rich mauve
188 Activist - dewy, rose pink
336 Avant Garde - rich, intense red

When it comes to lipsticks, I tend to reach for much higher-end brands but these seriously give some of my £20+ favourites a run for their money. Shade 336 Avant Garde has been my go-to, I just can't resist a deep red.

You can purchase L'Oréal Color Riche Volume Intense Matte Lipsticks direct from Feel Unique, retailing at £9.99. 

What shade would you choose?

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