Wednesday 15 March 2023

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Southampton you must try

We have an excellent foodie scene in the city and I love nothing more than discovering what's new but undoubtedly my favourite thing to do is drink copious amounts of coffee. I've raved for years about how great it is for independents in Southampton and over the last year it has just got better and better! 

Obviously, my one true love is coffee so I have put together five coffee spots you need on your radar.

Surprised? No, I practically live there but for good reason - great coffee roasted right here in the city, delicious brunch options and it's renowned as Southampton's very own living room. Mettricks is fast approaching its tenth anniversary and with three sites across the city, I'm sure they'll be one local to you. 

There's nothing better than a little bit of joy in a yellow cup after all.

Found opposite Holy Rood Church, Edison's is a newer find but oh so mighty. Delicious coffee, the BEST homemade cakes (seriously!) and they serve wine and cheese in the evenings too - charcuterie is the way to my cheese-loving heart. 

From where it is perched you can sit back and enjoy the comings and goings of the city while catching up with family and friends and much like Mettricks, it's super baby friendly. A new gem but one I've found myself visiting quite regularly over the last few months. 

Partners in Coffee
Speciality coffee in a truck? You heard that right! Partners in Coffee can be found by the White Building & Charlotte's Place serving up coffee, sandwiches and some pretty fabulous cookies. It isn't coffee house style and while there is seating available be aware it's outside so if it's pouring down, prepared to get soggy. Despite this, I quite enjoy going along, grabbing something to eat and sitting outside - feels much like the European coffee scene that I SO WISH the UK would adopt. 

Definitely one you must visit and be sure to try a Croffle while you're there. 

If you're smack bang in the middle of West Quay/Precinct then Waterstones Café is THE place to go for coffee (and cake obvs) especially as the only other options in this immediate space is Costa Coffee. They've recently refitted so it's twice the size as before and the staff are the BEST! The coffee being roasted is now Union and there's such a great selection of cakes and sandwiches available each day.

Don't forget to scan your Waterstones Plus card for half points over a £5 spend in the cafe - I'm positive this is how I fill up my Waterstones card so quickly.

Down towards the cruise terminals you'll find the GHT Cafe set on the bottom level of God's House Tower, an arts and heritage site - you'll be able to sit and enjoy a coffee within the walls of the city's history. The cafe has partnered with a selection of the South Coast's finest suppliers meaning you can enjoy coffee from Peaberry Coffee Roasters as well as bakes from Hoxton Bakehouse and Twenty Seven Vegan Bakery.

It's a really brilliant place to hide out at in Southampton, I just adore it. 

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