Friday 31 March 2023

Five Happy Things // March 2023

Five Happy Things is back for March - It's nice to have a little look back though, isn't it? For me, so I can see what we were up to and I suppose sheer nosiness for others, we all do it!

March was a hectic month for us and it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye and now with just a few weeks back at school, we're on Easter Holidays. This term has been plagued by sickness and I don't think we had one full week at school, it's been one illness after another and I'm very ready to not do any school runs for a few weeks. 

We have managed some fun this month but I am desperately craving Spring and some blue skies.

Here's how some of our March looked...

Beautiful Blooms
From Valentine's flowers to just because bouquets and Mother's Day blooms, it has been a month of fragrant flowers turning my kitchen into a florist. I'm so grateful I've been able to work with Bloom & Wild for a number of years so I received their gorgeous collaboration with Liberty as well as some other surprises. I always say a happy home is one adorned with flowers. 

Cute messages on bad days
While in parts March has been wonderful, it has also been a struggle for many reasons. After one particularly difficult morning, I ordered a takeaway coffee and looked down to see this written on the lid which really put a smile on my face. 

Mother's Day 
I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my bambinos - flowers, chocolates and a new mug plus my first homemade care from school. It is proudly displayed in my room - it's just so lovely.  

Child-free lunches
I have wanted to visit La Regata for the longest - I'm a huge fan of tapas and really miss the food since moving back to the UK from Spain so it was the obvious choice for a rare child-free afternoon. Gorgeous interiors, delicious food and somewhere that I'll definitely be visiting again.

Evenings with friends
I'm super grateful that a lot of my work is around food reviews in the city so I'm able to do that during catch-ups with friends. 

Great food, wine and a laugh with your mates? The perfect end to any day. 

Here's to a fabulous April.

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