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The Lush Cosmetics Mother's Day Collection 2022

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I'm like a kid in a sweet shop at the beginning of each year when it comes to Lush Cosmetics because it is seasonal collection after seasonal collection - I can't get enough! The Valentine's Day Collection is a distant memory and hot on its heels is Mother's Day gifting which is what I'm gonna show you today and oh my are there some corkers! 

There are a couple of completely new products to try including the Wonder Mum Eye Pad which I think will make such a great gift for children to give and I personally can't get enough of Atom Heart Mother. It's definitely one of the better Mother's Day collections we've had in recent years. 

From bath bombs and bubble bars to cute knot wraps and shower gels, you are bound to fall for something. I mean it's Lush, why wouldn't you?!

I'm going to give you a rundown of the entire collection bar one or two so you can see what's what from formula to scent so you know exactly what to add to your basket. 

Spoiler: E V E R Y T H I N G!

One of my favourite bath products from Lush has to be the bubble bars. There is just one bubble bar within the Mother's Day collection and I just know my son is going to adore it. The Besties Bubble Bar (£6.00) is oh so adorable - two giraffes joined together with an uplifting citrus scent thanks to Brazilian orange oil and lime oil. It's family-sized, beautifully vibrant and while the colour is a bit weak in the bath, the bubbles more than make up for it. 

Now shall we have a look at the bath bombs? There are four within the collection, a much nicer number than previous years as I know some like to collect them all each year. There is one repeat, my favourite from last year and three brand new ones which are GORGEOUS!

The only one I don't have to show is Jasmine (£4.50), a gorgeous floral pick - it's quite plain but I love the fact there's no faff, no glitter and no oils. I'm going to head into my local store and buy one especially as the reviews have been great for it so far.

You'll also spy Rose Gold (£6.00) - I really loved this one last year, it makes such an incredible display of colour once it's in the water. The orange and pink hues swirl while calming floral scents fill the air - ylang ylang oil, bergamot oil and orris root powder make this such a magical bath bomb.

Atom Heart Mother (£5.00) has quickly stolen my heart this year, it smells incredible! With a sweet apple scent, rose absolute and touches of Brazilian orange oil it's the perfect bath bomb to help uplift and relax you. Its design of blue skies and white clouds is adorable too.

The Elephant in The Tea Room (£6.00) is gonna get a lot of love from little ones. With Sencha tea, fragrant bergamot and a dash of soya milk - it'll bring afternoon tea straight to your bathroom.

Buzzy Mum Soap (£6.00) has also kinda stolen my heart - the cutest little bee ever right?

The little yellow bee is perfect for creating a lather and with camelina oil and peach powder, it'll leave skin squeaky clean, fresh and oh so soft. it also smells beautiful thanks to notes of rhubarb and mimosa. 

Next up, is the Wonder Mum Eye Pad (£5.00) an amusing eye pad made with fennel and carrot juice to help relieve tired eyes. The fresh aloe gel and carrageenan extract helps to cool, calm and reduce puffiness meaning mum can sit back and relax while it gets to work! Just make sure you pop it in the fridge, it stays fresh for three weeks.

Lastly, is the shower gel - Mimosa (£14.00) a bubbly, citrus take on brunch in a shower gel. The gel formula is a blend of mimosa flower absolute and a dash of fresh orange juice perfect for a refreshing morning shower. It's rich in plant-based glycerine which helps to soften skin, lock in moisture and awaken your senses. You're either gonna love or hate the scent, I think it'll be quite acquired, I'm still undecided however, it does lather and softens skin as promised. A nice idea but maybe not quite the one.

The Mother's Day collection is available in-store and online now but be quick because it's only going to be around for a limited time.

For me, the ones to try are Jasmine Flower, Atom Heart Mother and Besties. They also have some fab gift sets with a whole host of products that make the ideal gift for Mother's Day.

What's caught your eye?



  1. That buzzy mum soap bar is so adorable! I love these Lush Mother's Day themed gifts! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. I don’t shop at Lush nowhere near enough - I actually can’t remember the last time I bought myself a Lush product but I’ve read loads of your Lush posts and all of them make me wanna go and spend my money haha! This is such a sweet collection :) xx

  3. I haven't shopped in Lush for such a long time. These newbies look great though. I really love the sound of the eye mask! I feel like I can smell the shower gel too - Delicious! X

  4. I haven't been to Lush in so long, it's so nice to see all these new bits! Or at the very least, new to me! That eye mask sounds (and looks) so fancy x

  5. I love popping to Lush and I love the sound of the Elephant in the Room, so cute x

  6. I'm not really a bath person so don't get that excited about bath bombs but I love the sound of the mimosa shower gel, I normally opt for something sweet like almond or vanilla but for some reason I feel like I need that in my life. The soap is adorable too x


  7. Such a lovely collection. I haven't been to Lush in so long. I definitely need to pick up some more of their shower gels.


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