Wednesday 2 February 2022

Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Collection 2022

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It's the season for suggestive bath bombs and loveeeee so with Lush Cosmetics launching their Valentine's Day collection it was time to dive headfirst into all things pink and full of smut.

I'm a sucker for a Lush product and have been for many years, you only need to head to that little search bar on the side and type Lush to see just how much so I'm gonna show you what I'm going to be using from this year's Valentine's range and what I think you'll love too!

Spoiler: there's a rather large vegetable this year...

First up we have this year's shower gel Temptation Shower Gel (£14.00) which smells delightful! I've always used, Prince Charming in the past and while I do like it, Temptation is just that little bit juicier. Temptation is made with red apple, red roses, cinnamon and ginseng - it smells like crisp apples and has been such a game-changer to use in the mornings. If you've used Lush shower gels before then you'll know just how luxurious they are - they lather well, leave skin super soft and the scents always linger.

You're going to love it! 

Hands up who loves shower jellies? Our son adores them and Strawberry Heart (£5.00) has very quickly become his to use. They may look a little daunting to use but this rich strawberry scented jelly makes lots of fabulous bubbles - just pull a little bit off and rub between your hands to create a rich lather. 

Shower jellys make bath time so much fun for all ages.

Fruity, floral and oh so cute, the Love Bug (£5.00) is going to be so popular this Valentine's Day! Shaped like a classic Beetle, the bath bomb turns the water into super colourful swirls and fills the bathroom with its tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon. I adore the smell of this and although some reviews say it doesn't last long, I haven't found that at all and have since gone to buy another. I'd love to see this one return next year. 

If you've found your lobster then the next bath bomb is made for you! My Loba Loba (£3.50) is a bombastic fizzer with tiny little red hearts that are released as it fizzes in the water. It has an oh so lovely scent that lasts on the skin for hours thanks to sweet benzoin and tonka and I just can't get enough of it.

The lobster is one of their cheaper bath bombs from this year's collection - I think I may pick up another for our son to use at home. 

Next up we Kim the Carrot (£6.00), a cheeky bubble bar with a slightly suggestive look about it. The candy-sweet bath treat crumbles easily underwater revealing a soft vanilla and benzoin aroma that is going to totally relax your bath time. The bubble bars are always my favourites as you can get so many baths out of them. I tend to crumble them into a tea strainer and then run under running water. 

Beautifully scented and lots of fun - Kim the Carrot is a winner here!

Sticking with veg, we have Big Aubergine (£10.00) allowing you to ahem supersize your bath time. As far as I'm away it's still made using my ol' fave bergamot as well as oh so yummy tonka and a touch of fresh Aubergine - it's such a unique scent and I LOVE it! With it being a bath bomb you could use it all at once but personally, I'd break this bad boy up and use it throughout the year, there's just so much of it. 

Peachy is also back this year but in its standard size. 

As well as what I've shown you, there are some cute gifts available, soaps and a lip mask which I'm going to head in and buy this week - we switched from pump soap last year so any excuse to get something cute to use!

Shop the new Valentine's Day collection in-store and online at now.

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