Tuesday 2 November 2021

Five Happy Things // October

Did anyone see October? It feels like the month absolutely flew by in a blink of an eye. Our month has felt exceptionally busy and it has been the first month in a long time that we've had something on the calendar most days. It has been full of finally seeing friends again, lots of good food and plenty of Autumn walks through the city parks. 

We're still making the most of our smalls wins. little memories and happy moments where we can - they don't have to be a huge, momentous thing, they can be just about anything - be it a chocolate bar you treated yourself to or a long walk listening to an audiobook or in my case right now, a really good coffee!

So here are five handpicked happy things from our October...

We registered our daughter
At the very beginning of the month, we bundled ourselves up and headed to the Old Town to register Evie. It feels like such a special moment when you finally register your child especially after taking so much care over what to name them. We actually slightly changed her name 24 hours before the appointment and added in the name that would've been the one had Evie not stolen our hearts in the first few weeks of my pregnancy. Our little girl is official!

I hit my pre-pregnancy weight
I'm ten weeks post-partum, back to pre-pregnancy weight, in my jeans again and I've upped my steps massively this month to get moving post caesarean so I'm feeling really good right now. I'm hoping it keeps going down this route as long as I keep my exercise and eating in check. Is the weight thing important in the grand scheme of things? No. I have a happy baby, I've had a good recovery & I'm mentally well this time but it does mean I don't have to go jean shopping again which is hell on earth. 

We celebrated J's 4th Birthday
October brings our son's birthday and so with balloons aplenty, a specially requested chocolate cake and plenty of presents for our fave little guy, we celebrated Joshua turning four. With the Panny D still hanging around, we kept it small with just close family rather than something more extravagant which was perfect for us all. He said the cake was the best he'd ever tasted and he had the best birthday ever which is absolutely the most important thing. 

There was a lot of Good Food
October saw the restaurant reviews flooding in again so with E being the sleepiest baby ever and J being at preschool twice a week - we took advantage and booked in some great meals this month. I also managed to get two visits to XOXO in which is one of the best places for brunch in Southampton.

Lots of Halloween Fun!
I don't know about you but I LOVE Halloween - not so much the dressing up but the food, decorations and fun so I held another party for J and close family at home. You can read more about our Halloween Party in my Inside our Halloween Party post and maybe get some ideas for next year! It was the perfect way to round off the month and the clocks going back. 

How have you spent October? Tell me what made you smile this month!

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