Monday 25 January 2021

4 Super Easy Eco Beauty Swaps

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Finding eco and sustainable options seems to be all I research at the moment. Becoming a mum has changed a lot for me, especially how I see my impact on the earth my son is growing up on. We've all seen the documentaries and the warnings, it should be enough to put the frighteners on anyone and so I've spent most of this year swapping everyday items for those that are more friendly to our planet and of course reusable.

One of the very first switches I made was to a menstrual cup, partly because of my use of sanitary towels and tampons but also because I hadn't found anything comfortable since having a baby. I then bought myself a reusable coffee cup with Arran replacing my rubbish leaky one with a KeepCup and then I binned off face wipes completely in favour of flannels and muslin cloths.

The last few years have seen lots of swaps for us as a family and so I wanted to show you four super easy eco-beauty swaps I've made over the last few months, that you can do to!

I think the easiest first swap anyone can do is using reusable cotton pads. I used to go through so many cotton pads, I used them for everything so swapping those for me made a big difference. I use the Typology Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (£15.80) which are bamboo fibre makeup remover pads in a recycled cotton pouch. They're really easy to use - just apply your cleanser or makeup remover to a pad and wipe! 

After each use just rinse the cotton pad with lukewarm water to remove any makeup residue and then machine wash at 40°C and allow to air dry. 

Not only am I not using the quantity of cotton pads I use to, my skin feels better for it too. 

Estrid has been doing the rounds for months and my interest officially peaked last summer so the Cloud Estrid (£7.95) found its way into my beauty stash and here we are now - still a huge fan! I don't think I'll us another razor now as Estrid is so perfectly shaped to the contours of the female body I am yet to cut myself accidently which is something I always did! 

It's also fairly priced, cruelty free, vegan and the handle and holder is made from durable steel to make it last even longer. All the packaging is 100% recyclable too. Plus, every kilo of CO2 emitted via transport is climate-compensated. Their climate partner Tricorona follows the UN-certified Gold Standard – a quality stamp for climate compensation projects, which imposes higher demands on social responsibility and sustainable development. 

It's a really great razor - one of the best I've ever used! 

I've tried a few shampoo bars over the years - all of which I've quite enjoyed but Kind2 seem to have delivered something totally different as they just left my hair so much more nourished. Kind2's formulas are vegan and free from plastic, soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens - plus they have conditioner bars and I feel as though I've been waiting forever for them! 

I've been using The Hydrating One (£12.50) which is ideal for normal, dry, culy and coloured hair as it's infused with shea, hemp seed and macadamia oils to restore and hydrate. It smells incredible too with a fresh woody fragrance that sticks around with every hair swish.

The Restoring One (£15.95) is one I was super eager to try! I've always found conditioner bars were either non-existent or just rubbish but this one from Kind2 is brilliant! It contains coconut and cocoa butter as well as argan, macadamia and shea oils to detangle, hydrate and nourish hair. My hair was left softer, smoother and a lot less weighed down that I'd usually feel. 

Really loved trying out Kind2 and I can't wait to see if they do anything else in the future. 

Lastly is something from, Wild Refill! Wild is a single-use plastic free refillable deodorant - it's made up of two parts, the stylish aluminium case and the deodorant refills. You just keep the case forever and use a new refill whenever you finish an old one plus all the refills are vegan - friendly!

It's really easy to set up, you can either start a subscription where they send you the refills when you say you'll need them or you can do a one off purchase of the refillable case and three refills for £25.00 which is what I did. You can pick the colour of the case and each of the refills and the scents available are beautiful! 

Sometimes you can experience a transition period after switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant - I find this for the first week or so of using wild but it settled super quick and I've been using Wild ever since. It's one of my favourite recent switches. 

If you want to read more about the switches we've done ourselves I have the following posts: 

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