Thursday 14 June 2018

My top tips for festivals abroad

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Destination festivals are a lot of fun, I've been to a few festivals abroad and had a totally different experience than to those at home. A field in Essex isn't quite the same as a beach in Spain especially when you can dip your toes in the Mediterranean Sea to cool down after a hard day and night of dancing. With flights being cheap as chips, a festival abroad has never been more of an option than it is nowadays. Benicassim is on the Costa del Azahar in Spain between Valencia and Barcelona and flights through Holiday Gems to Valencia are from as little as £100 per person. 

If a festival abroad is something completely new to you then here are a few tips to make sure your experience goes without a hitch! 

  • Travel insurance is important wherever you go but make sure that your insurance includes all your festival kit. 
  • Keep your personal belongings safe at all times and check if the festival you are at has a safe lock in option available for a small fee. 
  • Keep enough money in your pocket as well as an emergency stash
  • Remember to check out local laws, learn some basic phrases and save the number of the local consulate just in case of an emergency.
  • Give yourself a day to settle into your new settings. The last thing you want is a flight delay meaning you miss the headliner you've been dying to see. 
  • Pack for the weather! If it's sweltering remember loose clothes and sun cream and thermals for a cooler climate. You can probably leave those wellies at home too.
  • Remember to eat, try out some local cuisine or just dive into a juicy burger! Festival food can be some of the best street food available 
  • Never leave your drink unattended! 
  • Say no to drugs! 
  • Stay hydrated, alcohol and dancing is an exhausting combination. 
  • Most importantly? Enjoy yourself, it'll be an experience you'll never forget! 

Have you been to a festival abroad before? Where did you go?

This is a sponsored post - see disclaimer for more information.
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