Friday, 15 June 2018

Finger Licking Pizza at The Stable

I'm having a bit of a love in with pizza at the moment, I've always been a fan but I just can't get enough at the moment so for our anniversary date night location we ended up at The Stable in Southampton to try out their new menu and fill up on cider. The perfect pairing if you ask me. 

On 1st May, The Stable launched a new menu line up in their seventeen branches across the UK in time for Spring and some al fresco dining. The menu now features a bigger selection of sharing dishes as well as even more vegan friendly dishes, colourful salads and carefully sourced charcuterie. The £7 lunch menu which is a favourite with many also features wraps, pizzas and more tasty salads than you can shake a stick at. 

The West Country inspired menu has a whole host of new dishes to try from The Pot of Gold, a dipping pot of West Country cider, melted cheese, rosemary and garlic, served with sliced sourdough to the Smoked Duck salad with blood orange, pomegranate seeds and pine nuts tossed with watercress, red cabbage and a black garlic, balsamic dressing. Is your mouth watering yet?

After ordering our cider and browsing through the menu it was time to make a decision. We settled on the Stix & Dips which were Sourdough Stix served with butternut blitz, beetroot hummus, mushroom & olive tapenade. The mushroom & olive tapenade was unbelievable and I could've happily scooped away from the pot on my own. We also ordered The Dorset Spread which included soft pork salami from Capreolus, pickled cucumber & garlic butter, served with sourdough. Both boards were absolutely delicious and totally different to what we would usually choose, I loved how colourful it all looked. 

Arran and I both ordered pizzas but we really must head back and try their famed pies one day. Ali Baa Baa and the West Country Porker were our pizzas of choice. Ali Baa Baa's toppings are lamb kofta, feta, mozzarella, oregano and red onion finished with cucumber ribbons and honey & mint yoghurt while the West Country Porker has Capreolus chorizo and mozzarella, finished with rocket and garlic aioli. We also ordered a side of rosemary and thyme potato wedges because well... look at them. 

I love pizzas from The Stable because the dough is perfect, the pizzas are a great size and the ingredients always fresh and full of flavour. The atmosphere for the whole evening was relaxed but with a buzz in the air from friends and work colleagues catching up. It was a lovely evening so we were able to sit outside in the setting sun. The service was fab as always, attentive but not too in your face even though we went on one of their busy offer nights, there was always someone on hand. We just had a really lovely night and always so when we visit. 

The new menu at The Stable is available now or why not pop in for one of their Tuck in Tuesday sessions where you can get pizza, salad and a drink for £10! Bargain. 

Complimentary meal for the purpose of review - see disclaimer


  1. Oh my gosh these look delicious. I'm not really a pizza girl, but a traditional thin crust like this and an amazing assortment of toppings are my fave!!

  2. Oh my god, these look bloody amazing! I don't even eat lamb but my mouth watered at that one!
    Katie x

  3. I need to move to your neck of the woods because you guys have epic food places, this looks delicious x

  4. I am obsessed with Pizza. OBSESSED! So this looks right up my street, especially with the Cider too. That starter with the dips just looks yum and those pizza look perfect. After reading the Room2 post and now this, I think I'm going to save up and come on a little weekend trip by myself to Southampton. I've never been before but it looks so good with plenty of places to go. xx

  5. YUM!!! I love pizza so much, and it looks so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. This definitely looks like somewhere I would enjoy! x

  7. Yummy looks really nice x

  8. This looks absolutely amazing! xx

  9. I’m moving in with you and going to all these places, forget Arran you just need me x

  10. My whole mouth just filled with saliva! It looks delicious!

  11. Ah! Me and my boyfriend LOVE Pizza we honestly only ate pizza for the first 6 months of our relationship haha! This is so up our street, we visited Southampton a while back, so I think we're in need of a 2nd trip!
    Alicia Xo


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