Sunday 6 May 2018

The Touch of Angel Fruity Fair

A new season brings plenty of new spring fragrance and Mugler have created a new take on their iconic fragrance, Angel. Angel Fruity Fair (£48.00) was released in April and symbolises the beginning of a new and colourful chapter in the Angel fairy tale. It couldn't have been released at a more perfect time for me as I've not long finished Angel Eau Sucrée and this is a perfect, sweet replacement. 

The limited-edition fragrance is created by perfumer Louise Turner using three new signature notes to give you a much fruitier surprise than the original Angel. The notes are presented as different whirlwinds in a circus of delight:

A delicious whirlwind of candied apple, red fruits blended with lychee and pomerose

A sparkling whirlwind like a spicy, summer breeze with bursting rose thorn accord

A seductive whirlwind of sweetness with vanilla paired with a touch of patchouli of the timeless Angel scent

The scent is still very much Angel but with a beautiful, sweet twist. The way the red fruits come through in that first spritz makes for a treat for the senses before it settles to make way for the freshness of rose thorn accord. I'm usually an Alien fan, I feel as if you're one or the other when it comes to Mugler fragrances but when it comes to their limited editions, I really do love them. 

The eau de toilette bottle comes in the classic star glass bottle in a stunning darker blue although this particular fragrance isn't refillable due to it being limited edition, it is still a gorgeous scent and one you definitely need to have a sniff of next time you're in the perfume section. 

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