Friday 18 May 2018

The products helping my post partum hair loss

As Joshua turned five months old so my post partum hair loss started to show. My hair is very thick so when all those extra locks came in while I was pregnant, I wasn't too thrilled so I've been waiting for the hair loss. I collected a few products while I was pregnant to use once the time came and they've been exactly what I needed. I've found that people talk about post partum hair loss in a jokey manner but no one shares what products they're using or if they're helping so I've done just that. I've been relying on four products to keep my hair in tip top condition while it's falling out and clogging my plughole. 

For shampoo and conditioner, I've been using Mane & Tail (£7.00). I shared their products last year and mentioned how I can't wait to see how they perform once my hair starts falling out and I'm pleased to say, I love them. I've been using the Deep Moisturising set so that my hair is in top condition, super soft and looking shiny. The bottles are so cheap at just £7 each for a super size 355ml. They also smell incredible, my hair might be falling out but I have a fragrant swish when it does. 

After my locks have been washed, I like to use the Aveda Damage Rescue Daily Hair Repair (£24.50). The daily repair product helps hair stay strong and healthy plus it makes a great heat protection product. Containing certified organically-derived quinoa protein, it penetrates hair to instantly repair damage and strengthen from the inside out leaving hair in much better condition. It's another great smelling product thanks to essential oils such as bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang and I use just a small amount on damp hair after washing and before blow drying. I really notice if I don't use this as my hair becomes knotty and unmanageable. 

I've always made the effort to use hair masks weekly and that hasn't changed since I've had Joshua. The only difference is instead of having a cuppa while I wait, I'm usually giving him a bottle. The Maui Moisture Shea Butter hair mask (£8.99) is a brand new product for me so it seemed as good a time as any to really test its moisturising powers. The creamy mask contains shea butter, coconut oil and pure macadamia oil so it's a real treat for the 'tresses. I like to slather it on wet hair and leave it for ten minutes before washing it out. You can also use it as a leave in treatment but because I use the Aveda cream I just use this as a mask that I then wash out. The mask leaves my hair so soft and in a happier and healthier state. 

The intensive treatment I keep to hand is the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment (£28.99). I've used Macadamia products for yonks but the Healing Oil Treatment is my favourite, plus I love the handy pump bottle. The treatment works by penetrating the hair and transforming dry and brittle strands leaving smooth, shiny and silky hair. You need the smallest amount so the bottle lasts for ages which means the expensive price tag is a little easier to swallow. It's a cult fave for a reason. 

I've found a small amount of products that actually work have made such a difference to my hair, I just hope it stops falling out soon. What products have you used for post partum hair loss?

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