Thursday 19 April 2018

Titanic the Musical Mayflower Theatre

Titanic the Musical graces the stage at The Mayflower this April and it couldn't be more fitting. This April, it is 106 years since the Titanic set sail from Southampton on that fateful maiden voyage. The RMS Titanic sank in the final hour of 14th April 1912 with 1517 men, women and children losing their lives in the tragic disaster. Across Southampton, there are memorials commemorating the lives lost so it couldn't be more fitting that Titanic the Musical launches the very first UK tour from Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. I went along with Southampton Bloggers to see the musical in all its glory and was completely blown away. 

The musical by Maury Yeston and Peter Stone tells the story of the most famous ship differently to how we may all know it. The beautifully written musical focuses on the real people on board. It follows the stories of the third class immigrants dreaming of a better life in America, the second class wanting to have the lifestyles of the mighty rich and the first-class dreaming of nothing ever-changing. I'm not a musical fan so I was quite sceptical about how I'd find it and what I'd think, I'd heard good things so I put my doubts to one side and I'm extremely glad I did because I loved every minute of it. 

The set was simple but effective, a steel facade, decks and the hull were on display with the steel being a vital mention because of the historic comments made regarding the way the Titanic was built. The costumes were of the times, beautiful hats and dresses with suits for the men. You were quite literally transported back to the early 1900's, everything was perfect. 

The show is almost all singing, something I surprisingly enjoyed, the harmonies were just beautiful. It was easy to understand through song and I quickly became invested, I desperately wanted Kate McGowan to get her happy ending but alas, we all know the ending of the unsinkable ship. I also had a real soft spot for second class, Alice, too, she was incredibly likeable. I thought the show played out each day's events really well but I was just waiting for the moment the ship struck the iceberg throughout and when it did, the audience jumped. It was very well done. 

The show came to end with some of the survivors making their way back out huddled in RMS Carpathia blankets as the backdrop was highlighted with all 1517 names that lost their lives. It was haunting and you were immediately reminded that this happened in real life. I took the time after the show to pick out my own relatives name upon the list. 

There was a standing ovation at the end of the show which was so, so deserved and I think that tells you everything you need to know. It was incredibly special. The musical is at Mayflower Theatre until this Saturday so be sure to book tickets while you can in Southampton. You really won't regret.

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