Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Why CND Vinylux really are the best

Painted nails is my thing, if my nails aren't painted then there's something up. I always remember having a really stressful week but not mentioning it to anyone until I saw my best friend. She took one look at my nails, ordered me a drink and told me to talk. I even made sure my nails were perfect for when I went in to have Joshua with a deep red on my toenails to distract me from all that was going on. 

Always having painted nails means I've tried a lot of different brands. Some have wowed me and stayed in my collection, others have been thrown straight in the bin. CND Vinylux are one of the ones that wowed me and continue to do so. I first came across the brand, the tail end of last year. They were all over Instagram, everyone was raving about them and I was skeptical. Just before Christmas I had two shades arrive along with the Weekly Top Coat. I liked the packaging, the shades were nice and I had a spare half hour so I got to work. 

The two step application is simple, you just apply two thin coats of your chosen colour followed by a coat of the long wear top coat and you're done. The Weekly Polish formula is out of this world, slight overreaction for a nail polish but totally deserved. It's amazing. The brush is wider at the tip so the polish glides onto the whole nail meaning you don't have to apply bit by bit and risk ruining the finish. It has a gel like finish and with over 100 colours to choose from, you can have a different colour every week!

My nails are taking a serious beating at the moment from nappy changes to constant hand washing as well every day wear and tear and do you know what? The CND Vinylux lasts through all that and more. I get the seven days out of the nail colour as advertised and I also look like I have my mum shit together because I've had time to paint my nails. According to some Mum forums, that's a big deal. Since switching over to CND Vinylux I've gone right through my nail polish collection, chucked out more than I thought was ever possible (apart from my Morgan Taylor faves) and replaced all my fave colours with the CND equivalent. Now that's love right?

If like me, nails are your thing then jump on the CND Vinylux train! You will not be disappointed. I'm already wanting to add the Chic Shock Collection to my faves. 

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  1. I've heard such good things about the CND polishes recently. I need to look into them!

  2. I LOVE their formula, without a doubt one of the best I have ever tried - I need to try more shades though!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I wish I painted mine more, I hate their chipping. You’ve reminded me I have some of this somewhere!

  4. I love their products and when Bryn proposed I was wearing their nail polish and it looked gorgeous with the ring! x

  5. I absolutely love these polishes & top coat! Did you see the new Spring shades? xx


  6. I used to use this brand all the time and then I totally forgot it existed! Need to re-investigate x

  7. I don't think I've heard of this brand before! I'm loving the more muted, neutral shades though, so pretty! x

    Terri // TerriTalks

  8. I love CND, and I really love these soft colours!

  9. My nails are never painted at the moment and I hateeee it! these sound so good

  10. I love the natural shades from this brand
    Em x

  11. Heh I love how you had your nails done when you were in the hospital! Distraction is a great idea

    Mel ★

  12. Love their shallac range but it doesn't seems to last as long as they use to now. Moving over to gellish next time.


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