Friday 23 March 2018

Four bargain brushes you'll love from Ecotools

Last year, Ecotools rebranded their much loved brushes and this year sees even more new makeup tools added to the collection. I've used the brand for years, I adore the softness of the brushes, the way they apply my makeup and the way they wash so adding some newbies to the collection was inevitable. Here are four brushes you might want to check out. 

Sculpt Buki £9.99 
I love a big buki brush and this one has a unique waved brush head that moves with the curves of the face to help define cheekbones when contouring. The curved handle also means you keep complete control while applying your makeup. Don't let the size fool you, it's perfect for contour and bronzing products. 

Bronze Buki £9.99
The bronze buki is perfect for an all over bronzer application. The long, soft bristles pick up the ideal amount of bronzer to dust over skin for a summer bronzed look. Smaller than the sculpt buki but still with a curved handle for expert application. It's great for swirling into my huge Clarins Bronzer.

Wonder Cover Complexion Brush £10.99
Now I love a foundation brush and have more than I need but this is a little gem, I'll tell ya. The brush is designed using 100,000 bristles to help give the most perfect full coverage finish. I love using it with The Oridinary's Coverage foundation and it does the job. The handle is made from bamboo and is just the right weight, I love that it slims down to the end too. It's just a great all rounder.

Wonder Impact Shadow Brush £7.99
The shadow brush is made in more or less the same way as the complexion brush. The shadow brush is designed with 25,000 bristles to help create eye looks in less time thanks to its density. You just glide across the lid with your chosen shadow and you're done. I love using it under my lower lash line to smudge out liner too.

The four brushes here are just some of what is new. There is so much more to choose from on the website or have a little look next time you're picking up your Boots meal deal. What are your favourite brush brands?

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