Monday 12 March 2018

Luscious Lips with Carmex Moisture Plus

Carmex has been the saviour to my dry lips for years, I had my first pot of moisturising goodness, I'm talking the original jar back in my teens so the love affair has been going on for some time. The iconic lip balm has been soothing lips for generations so much so that the range is even bigger now. The newest tube to the scene is the Carmex Moisture Plus Sheer Tint and I've been keeping it close all winter.

The ultra hydrating lip balm is the best of both worlds, it's incredibly moisturising with a touch of colour and that's why it has fast become my go to lip balm during the cold months. It contains Vitamin E+, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to really keep lips soft and subtle as well as SPF15 so you're protected against harmful rays.  

When it comes to lip balm, I'm not usually a fan of tint or colour. I prefer to have a lip balm that just does the job intended but this is such a great combi product. My lips stay perfectly moisturised and the peach tint just adds that little bit extra. I adore the original Carmex formula and this is just a really lovely, reliable product and one that I'll be buying again and again. So if you need a lip balm with a hint of tint, look no further.

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