Monday, 29 January 2018

Next Baby Clothing Haul

Next are amazing for baby clothes, it's the one thing I've heard from many a parent over the years but I didn't quite get it until I had Joshua. I'm a Topshop and Asos girl through and through, never really paying Next much attention but oh how that changed last year. I have fallen head over my new Next heels for them. The majority of my maternity wardrobe was from Next, they have the BEST maternity leggings and thanks to my mum's insistence of flicking through the catalogue last spring, I haven't looked back when it's come to buying for all the family now.

Joshua has been rocking Next sleepsuits since the day he was born. We were given so many beautiful sets as baby shower gifts and I was so impressed by the quality, I did an order myself and then another one. Oops. Joshua is in 0-3 months at the moment and so after he grew out of all his gorgeous, teeny tiny sleepsuits, I placed an order for his next size up with Next. 

The very first thing I order was the hooded neutral cardigan, I adore this because I think Joshua looks like a little gnome with the hood up. This is 0-3 months but it's such a generous size, it's going to last a lot longer. Leading on from the knitted cardigan is the adorable, blue dungarees. I think they're such a classic little boy piece, I just couldn't resist them, especially with a stripy top underneath.

The rest of his pieces I kept with comfort in mind. I personally like keeping him in sleepsuits, vests or comfies at the moment. I don't really understand the need to put babies in jeans at such a young age so as Joshua's Auntie had already bought the bear sleepsuits, I had to get the matching tops and joggers. He's the cutest in his joggers! 

Another clothing piece I'm obsessed with are baby leggings. I bought so many from independent Etsy stores while I was pregnant that I couldn't not get the set of three from Next. The grey pair with the cow on the butt are my favourite! The two long sleeved vests that go with them are super cute and I love that the collection is unisex, like most of Joshua's wardrobe.

Next have recently launched their new collection and there is SO MUCH I need to order especially because I need to start getting Joshua's next size up clothes! Where are you favourite places to shop for clothes?

All clothing kindly gifted by Next - see disclaimer.


  1. I've not really looked in Next for baby clothes but I definitely will be now! Those joggers are so cute

  2. I have to admit I don’t often bother with next personally. I know so many people who love the kids clothes though.
    The outfits are so cute 😍

  3. I love buying clothes for my nephews & nieces in Next - they're such good quality! xx


  4. Pretty much 99% of Hayden's clothes are from Next - I love their baby stuff x

  5. Oh my gosh how cute is that striped top and overalls!

  6. I love the Next baby clothing! My cousin has recently had a little girl and they just have the sweetest bits!

  7. Everything is just so cute! I love how well made everything looks too x

  8. I agree about babies in jeans, they just want to move around and feel free and comfortable

    Mel ✨

  9. I cannot swear by next enough. Their sleepsuits and dungerees are without a doubt the best by miles. My son went from the sleepsuits and he now wears the snuggle fit PJs. His whole wardrobe is like a walking next advert lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. Next do the best baby clothes, the quality is just so good! Everything you got is so cute xx

  11. I still buy my girls Next clothing. Everything is always so cute. I love his knitted cardigan xxx


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