Thursday, 13 April 2017

My First Trimester

I still can't quite believe I'm writing this let alone knowing that I'm already in the second trimester. The beginning of 2017 has been one hell of a whirlwind. We were going to be spending this year on city breaks, at a few festivals and just being us while planning the wedding and now we're bringing a tiny little person into the world. We're very, very excited and a little terrified.

The last three months have been full of shock, surprise, hospital visits, blood tests, a lot of tears and general bemusement. We discovered I was pregnant at the beginning of February and no sooner had I peed on (um..six) pregnancy tests, I was in an emergency doctors appointment due to severe cramps, then an early pregnancy unit to then spend the night in accident and emergency before being admitted to a women's ward for a suspected ectopic pregnancy. This was all before we even had the chance to process that we were having a baby.

After a short stay in our local maternity hospital and probably the worst first impression of where I may have to give birth, I was a mess. Waiting four days for a scan because of the weekend and there only being two doctors across all seven wards of the hospital didn't give me much faith in patient safety. 

Thankfully everything turned out fine and it wasn't ectopic, I just had a very angry, bruised and enlarged ovary from where the egg had released. After having a viability scan at six weeks to check that, yup everything was okay I was discharged back to my doctor to await a phone call from my soon to be midwife. 

It's been a learning curve already. I have never known hormones or emotions like it and I have cried, nope, sobbed over the most ridiculous things such as not being able to put my dressing gown on. Morning sickness or whenever the hell it wants sickness as I like to call it, is crap. Like, really crap and when you're not being sick, you're feeling sick constantly and I honestly think that is worse.

I've also had nose bleeds all time but that's perfectly normal too apparently. Weirdly, it always seems to be my left nostril but I could just be sitting there and bam, blood down my face. RIP cream sofa. The bloating has also been a bit rubbish, I'd start the day feeling normal and within hours I would blow up like a balloon and be really uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

There's been some good stuff too, I've slept like a cat for months. I would go out to work for a few hours, have a three hour nap when I got home, wake up to eat and have a shower before having another twelve hours at night, pyjamas have been my best friend. We've also been able to see our little pod and the heart beating three times now due to checks with the hospital. We've made a list of places we want to go and things to do as just us to really make the most of our time before bubba is here and I curse Arran for ruining my vagina. It's always the mans fault. 

I will be sharing little snippets from my pregnancy because I want it documented for us to look back on but don't you worry, beauty and lifestyle will still be the main show, I'm not ready to change my blog for anything else just yet. 

Also, a HUGE thank you again for all the messages, tweets, comments and everything else. We are completely overwhelmed with love. It means the world to us.

If you missed my pregnancy announcement post, you can read it here - Hello Little One.



  1. So happy to hear that everything's going okay for now and that the little one is growing perfectly :)

    Lucy |

  2. Congratulations again! What a whirlwind so far. Here's to a happy & healthy 6 months! xx


  3. I hear you on the nosebleeds, I am 23 weeks and I have the right nostril to match your left! Haha! Our stories are very similar in lots of other ways as well, suspected ectopic, early viability scan etc etc, it sets a very scary tone to the whole thing and the anxiety has definitely hung around for me. Well done on making it to the second trimester, I am staring down the third now and wondering what it has in store after a mostly fantastic second. Enjoy! xx

    1. Haha how funny! I did wonder its either or for most people. It was so scary and I just couldn't relax, it was horrible! Wishing you all the best xx

  4. I'm sorry you had such an awful start to pregnancy- I hope the rest of it treats you a bit more kindly! Enjoy the second trimester while you can, it's great. Not without its worries but definitely the most enjoyable. Oh and the nosebleeds? Totally normal. Pregnancy is still pretty fresh in my memory so if I can answer any questions please do ask- us mummies have to support each other (so you'd think, anyway!)

    Ada x

    1. Thank you so much! Will definitely be in touch xx

  5. This is so lovely! Sounds like a scary experience to begin with but i'm so glad that everything has worked out okay. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth for both of you. Can't wait to see more of your pregnancy adventures x

    Abi | abistreetx


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