Thursday 20 April 2017

Ciaté Precious Metals Eyeshadows

I've long been a lover of Ciaté nail polishes and I'm fast becoming a lover of their makeup. I reviewed the Ciaté Dewy Stick last month and I've been trying out the Ciaté Precious Metals recently, three beautiful pots of stunning colour you'll never want to stop using. 

I hadn't read much about them, let alone seen these anywhere before they arrived so when I saw they were loose pigments I thought crap. I'm not good with loose pigments, I end up looking like I'm completely covered in glitter and not as perfectly put together as I'd quite like. 

I needn't of worried because these little pots come with a primer hid in the lid, life changing, I tell ya. The Precious Metal eyeshadows are formulated to create a long wearing foil finish on eyelids. The duo helps by the primer fixing the beautiful pigments to your lids for a gorgeous metallic look that lasts for hours. You can also use them without the primer for a sheer eye look. 

I have three shades, Washington Avenue, a yellow gold, Lincoln Road, a taupe bronze and Collins Avenue, a burnt gold. I do find them a bit fiddly and there is fall out, I can't see how you wouldn't get this over your face when applying if I'm completely honest but the finish more than makes up for it. 

I've been using the shadows with the primer mostly, I find they don't give as much wow without. I don't have overly oily lids but I have found too much of the primer can cause some creasing so try not to be as heavy handed as I first was! Each of the shadows retail at £18 which I think is a bit steep for a single potted shadow but they do last and their products are renowned for being fab for sensitive skin so you win some you lose some. I'll be rocking my metallic lids for most of this summer. 

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