Sunday 26 June 2016

Spanish Drugstore Haul

When on holiday it is only fair that you head to the nearest perfumerie or chemist to find out what beauty products were on sale and I did just that after the all important food shop. I visited Marvi Mundo which is where I use to buy my beauty products and perfume when I lived in Spain and the one in Murcia was huge. I didn't bother with any of the standard brands I could get in the UK, instead I found myself in front of the Wet n Wild stand for what felt like half a day. I've never tried anything from Wet n Wild, as far as I'm aware you can't get it in the UK so I stocked up as the products were so cheap. 

Everything I bought was from Wet n Wild apart from the W7 Banana Dreams Powder which was €2.50, it's £4.99 here so who knows who worked out that exchange rate. We always get the rough end of the deal where make up and exchange rates are concerned in the UK. Pfft. I'm yet to try Banana Dreams out but in a recent Cosmo comparison it came out better than Ben Nye's original banana powder so I definitely bagged a bargain. 

Wet n Wild is completely new to me but I've read countless fab things about the products so I bought a bit of everything. The Mega Length Waterproof mascara was €4.69 and separates every lash, I don't usually wear waterproof as it's a struggle to get it off but this is painless to remove. It's a deep jet black and makes my eyes so wide and open. The Color Icon Brow & Eyeliner pencil was €1.99 and glides so easily on the eyelid leaving a creamy line of colour. It's double the size of most standard pencils so hopefully I won't run out of this for a while. 

I'd just run out of my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer so I bought the Cover All Liquid concealer for €3.49. It's my exact shade and it doesn't gather under the eye or in fine lines. I use my beauty blender to dab this on and it's incredible. I wish I'd bought a couple more. Marvi Mundo had the limited edition summer collection on sale which included the Mega Last nail polish, €2.99 in Breeze on By, a powder blue shade and the Geometric Blush Palette in Sun Ceremony, €4.99 which I've been using for a golden shimmer on my tan. I also grabbed one of the single pan shadows in Nutty for €1.99 as I love taupe shades, it's super creamy and highly pigmented. 

Lastly, I stocked up on the Mega Last lipsticks as they were just €2.99 each. I bought the shades In The Flesh, a rosebud nude, Sand Storm, a muted brown, Mocha-Licious, a mauve, brown and Cherry Bomb, a berry purple. Each of the lipsticks are long wearing, highly pigmented and come in a semi matte finish. They don't bleed or feather and they're easy to apply. I wish I'd bought more but I stuck to shades I'd definitely wear as my lipstick collection is getting way out of hand. 

I'm really happy with what I did bring back, I had to be a bit careful as I only had hand luggage and lipsticks counted as liquids and I bought eight in total as four were for friends. I'll be making sure I use a suitcase next time! 

Have you tried Wet n Wild or Banana Dreams before? What did you think?

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