Friday 17 June 2016

Necta Perfecta by Bee Good

I always like to keep various masks to hand as I like options and with Necta Perfecta being a 4 in 1 face and body enzyme mask, it's one I've been reaching for regularly. Looking at the packaging you wouldn't even realise this was from Bee Good with its sleek gold design and transparent pot but a product this fab needs packaging that's a little more fancy and Necta Perfecta is just that. 

The multi tasking beautifying mask is suitable for all skin types while improving a whole list of skin issues. Necta Perfecta helps with revitalising and brightening skin, rehydration, calming and de-stressing. Thanks to its blend of five natural fruit acids, camelina oil and vitamin E oil it aids cell regeneration, minimises skin imperfections while improving skin elasticity and luminosity. 

The natural ingredients of British honey and beeswax keeps in moisture, plumps skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while the British propolis aids the skins natural healing process. It's a pretty impressive product and one you can use on your face, scalp, hands or feet and any rough areas you may have. I've been using the product as a face mask while I have a long soak. The texture is thick, luxurious and very rich, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and well nourished. You don't need to use much as once the product warms it almost becomes much like an oil balm as it's massaged into skin. As it's bursting full of natural ingredients, it also smells beautiful. 

The 100ml pot is priced at £39.95 and is available via

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