Sunday, 10 April 2016

Blogging Cliques V Blogging Friends

Over the last few months, the blogging world has changed a lot. There seems to be bad vibes, people bitching and arguing left right and centre and just plain nastiness and it's starting to become a community that isn't very welcoming. Bloggers have prided themselves for years on the warm, welcoming community we have and unfortunately there's a few that spoil it. I'm not saying everyone should get on, you can't like everyone and that's life but you can't spend your time worrying about what others think and that's what got me thinking about blogging cliques.

It comes up in blogging chats so often and from looking in from the outside it seems many have a pretty poor understanding of the difference between blogging cliques and blogging friends. I have met a group of girls through blogging that I would now class as great friends, we go out shopping, we go for dinner or coffee and we generally just hang out and spend time together. Our blogs are our mutual interest and not the be all and end all of our friendships. Time and time again I have tweets or emails from people saying they're being left out, why aren't they invited and why are we so cliquey. It really pisses me off because when we hang out, it's not a blogging meetup, It's friends meeting for coffee. You don't see me pestering you over meeting your old uni friends and not inviting me, it's exactly the same and it shocks me that people who are essentially strangers have the audacity to act like it and think that there is nothing wrong with their actions. 

When did people get so rude? Or has social media just highlighted it even more? I don't know. I see the most of it on Twitter, bloggers calling each other out because they weren't invited somewhere or they feel they were left out. These people aren't friends moaning, they're strangers and it's so sad to see people's warped sense of entitlement. It's a completely different ball game when it comes to blogging events or meet ups and sometimes I feel like that's where the confusion lies. Time and time again this happens and it's almost turned into a pity party to enable people to bitch about it, which in turn makes everyone else ask what's wrong and a tiny irrelevant problem gets turned into a huge deal. I'm not saying blogging cliques don't happen because occasionally they do but before you label genuine friends as a 'clique', think twice.



  1. Recently I have to agree, it seems that a few people use social media as a place to voice their opinions, but without really listening to other people's or really doing it in a mature kind manner... I have to say there are some people that are always lovely and supportive! Just have to find the right ones! A great post to highlight how social media needs to change in the blogging community xx

  2. This post is literally what everyone in the blogging community needs to see! There have been so many arguments on Twitter between bloggers and I must admit I was involved in one of them which I regret so much as thats not who I am at all. I'm not one of those bitchy girls but I did act like one during a certain argument! I think It is really easy to be drawn in and caught up in some of the arguments online which is a shame as we should all be more aware of what we're for friends and cliques I cant really say much on that as I'm such a socially awkward person haha! -xo

  3. It's a shame that people can't understand that just because a group of bloggers meet up regularly doesn't make them a clique!

    I've got quite a few close blogger friends now and I would definitely find it strange if bloggers I didn't know/had never met before expected to be invited along when we met up!


  4. lollllll this is SO TRUE. People get so needy and it's like soz I have pals who HAPPEN to be bloggers too?

    Sophie x

  5. Always sad when people voice their feelings and causes upset. Sounds like you have formed some great friends with a mutual interest. I'm yet to discover any blogging friends. One day. And I know it's so difficult not to get upset but you know the truth xx

  6. I have yet to experience this which I guess is great for me! I did not realised that this was even happening as everyone just seems so lovely. It sucks to know that this is happening :(

    Kathy x

  7. People just should do their business. No matter what!


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