Thursday 21 April 2016

Schwarzkopf Got2b Made 4 Mess

If there is one brand you can rely on to make sure your hair is always looking awesome it's Schwarzkopf. I have been using their products for many years and they've always been the first brand to release exciting new products to help make our locks look even better. Schwarzkopf's Got2b range has something to suit everyone, be it beachy waves, textured hair or so much volume you can't walk through a door without crouching. 

The Got2b Playful Styling Primer is the ultimate hair prep. You can use on damp or dry hair, just use two - six pumps depending on hair length and ease through hair. The primer gives the perfect grip for wearing your hair in braids, twists, buns or curls and as with all of their products, it smells pretty incredible too. 

The new Got2b Made 4 Mess range contains three products for perfectly undone hair. There is a Sculpting Spritz, Texturizing Putty and Texturizing Hairspray with each product making messy, casual 'done' hair so much easier. We all know bedhead hair isn't quite jumping out of bed, usually there's a bit more effort that needs to go into it and the Made 4 Mess range does just that while still keeping the time it takes to a minimum. Each product retails at under £5.00 so you get great hair at a bargain price. 

My personal favourite is the Sculpting Spritz and Texturizing Hairspray, I love my hair to look like I haven't done much but with texture and volume so those two products have been my secret weapon in recent weeks. The results are long lasting and they don't make my hair feel tacky either! 

Have you tried anything from Schwarzkopf's Got2b range? What's your favourite product for textured hair?

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