Wednesday 13 April 2016

Beauty Lift by DHC Skincare

Beauty Lift is the latest collection from Japanese skincare experts DHC, specifically aimed for smoothing and lifting skin, it's perfect if you're approaching an age where a little lifting is welcome. There are four products in the range, all of which launched the beginning of March. The packaging itself is eye catching enough and makes a pretty addition to my dresser. I'm a complete newbie to DHC skincare so I had to do some serious googling to find out some more about the range as there is such a lack of information on the products which put me off a little. Despite this issue I felt this was the perfect range for me to start with, my mid twenties skin could do with a lift. 

Beauty Lift contains oat kernel extract and peptides and it's thanks to this formula that each of the products help minimise fine lines and wrinkles while moisturising and nourishing skin. During DHC's clinical study, 100% experienced smoother skin in just seven days and because of that study I wanted to use the set myself for seven days and see what results I had before sharing on here. I've been using the Beauty Lift Lotion followed by the Beauty Lift Essence which is a serum and then the Beauty Lift Milk a pump action moisturiser. I've then been using the Beauty Lift Cream at night. 

There's no scent to any of the products which I prefer for my skincare and each soak into skin really well so you're not left with a sticky residue. After my first seven days of use I can notice a difference in the smoothness of my skin but I'm not noticing any lifting yet but usually I wouldn't expect to see that until at least four - six weeks down the line. Initial thoughts on the Beauty Lift Collection is good, I'm interested to see what results I get in seven weeks time so this is one range I may have to come back to on here. 

Have you used DHC Skincare before? What have you been trying?

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