Sunday 9 August 2015

Why Happiness Is Important

Being happy is much easier said than done. Life can get in the way, ups and downs happen and the slightest thing can throw off your good mood. Viking are making it their mission to spread happiness again in conjunction with World Happiness Day, spreading a little joy and some sweet treats with the #emergencyhappiness campaign. My own box of happiness arrived just at the right time as I was having a rubbish day but each little thing I pulled out the box put a smile on my face because the majority of items reminded me of happy memories. It's surprising how something can transport you back to that moment but it's also so comforting.

The pencils reminded me of my love of colouring, the shortbread of my Grandmother who brings a box back from Scotland after every holiday, Parma Violets of my Mother, the bubbles of my Cousin's wedding and the lucky penny of my Grandfather who always collected special edition coins for me. Each little thing reminded me of something close to my heart which in turn bought happiness. It just goes to show that if we all look hard enough on a grey day there is happiness all around us. 

Right now in my life blogging makes me happy, as do my family and friends, scones and jam, the odd rum and coke and the sunshine. But we shouldn't just think of what makes ourselves happy, what about others? Small gestures can mean the world to some, gestures such as a surprise bunch of flowers, a hug or smiling at a stranger in the street. We should all make the effort to spread more happiness in this pretty, shitty world we live in, share it on Twitter using #emergencyhappiness and just smile, knowing you may of made somebodies day.

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