Friday 10 July 2015

Making a Little Memory with Solopress

When Solopress recently got in touch with me about their new campaign Making Memories, it didn't take me long to say yes. They have partnered up with Little Havens Care, a children's hospice in Essex which specialise in making special memories for children with life threatening conditions. Memories are something that we all cherish and I have many that I hold very closely to my heart. I'm quite old school when it comes to photos, I like to print them out, filling photo albums and frames with them. 

Solopress created my own special memory book for me as part of their #alittlememory campaign. I decided to get 15 photos printed of myself and my blogging best friends. We've had such an incredible time since meeting a year ago that I wanted some of my favourite moments together in one place. I also received a One Line A Day memory book which I've wanted for so long and a selfie stick which will come in very handy for our group selfies on our days out.

For every person that tweets a photo of their memory using the hashtag, #alittlememory Solopress will donate £1 to the children at the hospice to help them create their own special memories. It would be fab to get as many people to upload their own memory so make sure you tag your friends to do the same to keep the chain going! I shared a photo from a Foo Fighters gig a few years back which you can see on my twitter - @alicespake. Let's fill Twitter full of memories and raise as much money as possible for this fabulous charity. 

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