Friday 24 July 2015

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I'm a huge fan of Cocoa Brown tan and have raved about it since I first tried it last year and I always have a can of it in my bathroom ready to use. I've tried a couple of their other products from the Chocolate Whip moisturiser to the Tough Stuff scrub and the one I've been using recently is the Gentle Bronzer, a gradual tanner. The Gentle Bronzer is their latest innovative tanning product which gives you beautifully tanned skin every day. 

The first time I used this, I just slapped it on like I would a normal moisturiser and I woke up with odd looking tan lines. Big mistake. This is essentially a light tan so you need to follow the same tan instructions as normal just with a little less effort. I didn't rub it in properly like I should of and I didn't wash my hands after like you're meant too. After a shower and a quick scrub down with Tough Stuff it didn't look half bad, thankfully. 

I've since been using it every day for the last week, carefully rubbing it in and of course washing my hands after like I would when using a normal tanner. I've been left with a quite subtle, natural glow which is what I prefer as I'm quite pale and not into the over tanned look. It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated and in much better condition than when I've used products such as Johnson's Holiday Skin which leaves my skin looking patchy and dry. For £5.99 you get 200ml of product which is a pretty good amount and it doesn't smell half bad either. All Cocoa Brown products smell slightly perfumed but not over bearing like some. I can't put my finger on what it does smell like, it's not floral but it's not too sweet either. 

If you're looking for a gradual tanner that doesn't break the bank then definitely keep an eye out for Cocoa Brown which you can find in Superdrug and Primark. It's worth picking up and trying for yourself. 

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