Friday 17 July 2015

Rodial Super Fit Bodycare

The Rodial Super Fit range has a cult following and rightly so! From their much loved Tummy Tuck to their Boob Job and Arm Sculpt which are also in the range, Super Fit is a targeted body care range which promises to firm, tone and smooth the body. Aimed to help our wobbly bits, it's definitely body care I can get on with. I've seen a lot about the Super Fit Turbo Shots in magazines and newspapers and there's also rave reviews on the Arm Sculpt, a product I'll definitely be buying for myself next.

I've been using both products now for six weeks. with more surprising results than I thought. As much as I'd read great reviews on the Super Fit range, I didn't hold much hope as to whether they would actually do the job. Now don't get me wrong, I don't automatically look like I've had a boob job and tummy tuck but there's definitely a difference in the before and after photos which I haven't posted for obvious reasons. I'm not about to get my boobs out on my blog, review or no review. Both products come in squeeze tubes and the duck egg blue packaging is very pleasing on the eye but for costing £65 each, a matte finish would make them look even more high end and special. They do smell pretty incredible though and remind me a lot of Bergamot oil, my favourite scent.

The Super Fit Boob Job gel contains peptides, volufiline and hyaluronic acid to improve the appearance of the bust and décolleté area. The revolutionary gel blocks fat cells as they travel around the body, applied every day the bust can increase up to half a cup size. Now I haven't increased a cup size but they definitely feel firmer and my skin is really smooth. Having used the Boob Job daily for six weeks, I'm quite surprised at how long it's lasted and I Reckon I've got a few more weeks in it. It's something I thought my body care routine could do without but I was very wrong and I'll happily keep this step in permanently. 

The Super Fit Tummy Tuck is one of Rodial's best selling products, it has a huge cult following and aims to reduce your waist by an inch in eight weeks. The intensive formula, Gemmoslim helps to improve skin tone while the wheat protein smooths, the fig extract firms and the laracare moisturises. I don't know if it's this that's made me lose inches on my waist or a huge change in my eating the last few months, either way I'm a happy girl. My abdominal area is tighter, smoother and in a much better condition than it was six weeks ago. The old saying of spending more on your body care is definitely right in the case of Rodial's Super Fit range and if either of the products above are anything to go by the rest of the range will be just as good. 

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