Tuesday 7 April 2015

Passione Dolce & Gabbana

Every now and then you need to treat yourself, or your nails in this case and that's exactly what I did with this beauty from Dolce & Gabbana Beauty. This shade is called Passione and comes in at a tad pricey £20. Considering I have never finished a bottle of nail varnish, this was one of those buy now, think later sort of purchases. It's so luxurious with its gold embossed lid and tall, sleek bottle. 

Once the lid is removed you're faced with a ribbed lid, much like Chanel nail lacquers. It does spoil it a little but makes holding the brush so much easier. The brush has 470 fine bristles and a long stem which makes applying this so much easier, allowing you more control and a streak-free finish. I applied two coats of Passione to get the above shade of dark fuchsia. 

It's so pretty and it's already lasted well through a hair wash and showers without a top coat, not a chip in sight! If you really want to treat your nails then Dolce & Gabbana is definitely the way forward. I'm hoping this isn't the start of a very expensive nail habit!

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