Friday 3 April 2015

Print Your Instagram Photos with Cheerz

I came across Cheerz after seeing an advert pop up on Facebook, I'd been looking for somewhere I could get my photos mocked up into polaroid photos to make a Pinterest inspired wall feature in our bedroom with some yarn and tiny white pegs. I'm sure you all know what I mean. After speaking to Cheerz I decided on the Classic Polabox which holds thirty photos which are kept safe in a small box until you're ready to do something with them. The box costs just £13.95 plus shipping. The process is really easy, you just create an account and start importing your photos from Facebook, Instragram or your laptop. I chose most of mine from my Instagram account as I find they're a bit more difficult to save and take off your account. 

The only difficult part of the process is deciding on thirty photos! I could've quite easily created another two boxes but because I didn't want to go over board in our room and have photos just tucked away I managed to whittle it down. I was slightly concerned that the quality of the photos wouldn't transfer to the polaroids but they're perfect!

I placed my order and a few days later they arrived from France in their spotty little box. It comes with an index of your photos and a discount code which entitles anyone that uses your code to £4 off and then you have £4 added to your account with each use! Once my pegs finally arrive I'll make sure I pop a photo up of the finished piece. I feel this is one Pinterest idea that can't go wrong... surely? 

If you want to try Cheerz out for yourself head over to their website - and make sure you use the code ALICDV to get £4 off your order!

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