Wednesday 25 February 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry

I have been meaning to post this since December as Glastonberry was the only lip coloured that graced my lips for a number of weeks after I bought it. I went up to London before Christmas to spend the day with two of my best friends, Selfridges was my first stop and I went straight to the Charlotte Tilbury counter, I didn't browse or swatch anything else, I just asked for Glastonberry and went on my way. Serious self control was needed for that otherwise I would of walked out with a few more lip colours and the Filmstar bronze & glow.

Glastonberry is from the Matte Revolution range, a cashmere cream texture with a soft matte finish. If you've been reading Annie Writes Beauty for a while you'll know I'm only really interested in matte lips so I had to try this line of lippies. Glastonberry has been doing the rounds for quite a number of months, a rich berry shade, it was the go to shade this Winter. Containing Papaya and Orchid to hydrate it was not like any matte lip I've tried before. My lips were left smooth and hydrated instead of crying out for moisture like they do when I wear Ruby Woo. 

The lipstick is shaped with a precision tip to make applying this a doodle, almost mimicking a lip brush for the perfect berry pout. I'm pretty rubbish at creating a cupids bow on my lips but found it much easier with this. It's cased in the most beautiful, rose gold packaging and has a satisfying click when the top is placed back on. Glastonberry also smells pretty good too! 

My only gripe is that it's long lasting abilities aren't very long lasting. I like a matte lipstick to last for hours and last through food and drink, I have some that do just that but this didn't. I've read numerous reviews on this on its incredible staying power but unfortunately I cannot report any of that here. I've used this with moisturised lips, without moisturised lips but nothing seems to make it stay and for a lipstick that costs £23 I was pretty unimpressed, I at least expected it to last from 9am - 12pm but alas, it didn't. As I said at the beginning I have used this non stop but I've definitely used more of it because I have to keep reapplying. Maybe Matte Revolution isn't for me but I'm not about to spend another £23 to see if a different shade makes a difference.

Have you tried Glastonberry? What did you think? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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