Sunday 22 February 2015

Brunch at Cargo, Southampton

A lazy Saturday morning brunch is sometimes the only way to start the weekend and a couple of Saturdays ago that's exactly how I spent mine. Cargo is in Oxford Street in Southampton, right down by the docks. It's known as Southampton's trendy cosmopolitan and it's a great place to eat and drink.

I'd only ever been in Cargo in the evenings before but noticed the menu one night and made it my mission to drag Arran along to sample it. We went quite late one morning and it was pretty empty, we were greeted by a lovely waitress who served us fresh coffee and gave us a few moments to decide on what to eat. Arran went for the Lord Nelson continental breakfast and I chose the Eggs Benedict. 

The food came out within good time and I could barely wait long enough to take photos before I tucked in. Arran said his was pretty good but he didn't like the pastries with jam. They couldn't of been that bad though as they're my favourite and he wouldn't let me have one.

My Eggs Benedict were good too but the muffins could of done with a bit more toasting and the Hollandaise sauce was poured on a little heavy handed but the eggs were perfect which was the important bit! We stayed for more coffee after our food and it was so nice to just sit and waste the morning on us. If you're ever in Oxford Street then I would definitely recommend Cargo for food or a few wines in the evening, we're already planning on going back to try their evening menu soon.

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