Sunday 9 November 2014

Spa Day at Grand Harbour Hotel

A couple of weekends ago myself and my favourite blogging girls, MandyKaris and Amy booked ourselves in for The Purity Spa day at The Grand Harbour Hotel. Arriving at 11am we found our way up to the Serenity Spa to check in, fill in our details and collect our robes, slippers and towels. The robes were the softest thing I have ever felt and I really wish I could of taken it home with me. 

We headed down to the swimming pool for a dip and a relaxing soak in the spa jacuzzi. It was a shame there were only a handful of loungers and people had 'reserved' the loungers with their towels like a bad Brit holiday so we had to try and find a dry patch to put our towels and robes down. The Sauna Room was next which I loved. I felt like I was in a ski cabin on The Alps. We had booked our treatments for the afternoon so after the sauna we went to the Hamtun Atrium Bar & Bistro for a light lunch.

Karis and I both had Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese which was so yummy. Mandy had a warm Pulled Pork Salad and Amy had the Soup of the Day. We finished off lunch with coffee before we collapsed with our food babies in the Relaxation Room. Espa Skincare was used in the Serenity Spa which I was really looking forward to because we had some fab girls from Espa at the Southampton meet up the day before. 

I had the shoulder, neck and scalp massage which was meant to last 25 minutes in a 30 minute slot but lasted a lot less which was a shame but I couldn't exactly hold the therapist hostage until I got my full 25 minutes. I also thought I'd get the option to choose what oil was used but maybe that's just in certain places. I did have a fab day but it was definitely the company that made it all that bit better.

I think the Lush Spa needs to be booked next especially as it's really not that far from us all.

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