Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cinders by Lush Cosmetics

Lush is by far my favourite place to go at the moment, I have been doing haul after haul of festive bath bombs and have even dragged the boyfriend in on the action by getting him to choose some more manly bombs to try. I like quite spicy scents so Cinders was always going to end up coming home with me. Inspired by fireside gatherings, Cinders contains Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Almond Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Oil and Popping Candy! 

I finally got round to using this on Bonfire Night as it seemed quite fitting. The weather was terrible and I had Tonsillitis so a hot bath and Cinders ended up being my perfect match. I was a little disappointed with Cinders, it fizzed out pretty quickly leaving the popping candy to do its thing. 

It left the bath water a murky orange colour and the smell became quite subtle which was such a shame because it smells amazing solid. As much as I love the smell of Cinders, I do think it needs to be larger to give it a little more oomph. I'm still going to be stocking up before they disappear after Christmas though. What did you think of Cinders?



  1. Replies
    1. It smells so so good, just didn't last long :( xx

  2. Never tried Cinders but the popping affect sounds lovely! Shame it wasn't as good as some others x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. They're just £2.50 which I didn't think was too bad, smells amazing xx

  3. we haven't tried any of Lush's Christmas products, but this sounds amazing!

    M + K

  4. I need to get to Lush! There was a Lush right next to my Uni campus and now I have finished university I haven’t been to a Lush in ages, as I don’t have one local to me. Have been wanting to go back and spend for a while now...


    1. You do! You could always order online but then you don't have the experience of smelling them all aha xx


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