Monday 6 October 2014

Monu Skincare Recovery Balm

Skincare is something I've really taken notice of the last year, what with getting older and realising it was about time I started looking after my skin. Monu Skincare is a company I've known of for a while and I've tried a number of their products over that time, the Hydrating Mask and Brightening Boost being two of my favourite products. I've been using The Recovery Balm for the last 8 weeks and I've been converted to yet another Monu Skincare product.

I like using a really intense moisturiser at night and the recovery balm is perfect for that. It contains Soft Rose and Bergamot essential oils which help with stressed and sensitive skin. The peptides help relieve irritations and also reduce redness. I don't suffer with irritations all that much but I do get some redness around my nose and chin area and this has really helped with that making it almost non existent. 

The Recovery Balm is a lightweight, cream consistency and sinks into the skin leaving no stickiness which is perfect for in the morning when you're in a rush to put your make up on and get out of the house. You don't need much to cover your whole face, I've been using this mostly at night for eight weeks now and I have about a third left. It's soothing, smells pretty good and does what it says on the tube. Definitely something you should add into your skincare routine.

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